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Exam Number/Code: VCP550
Exam name: VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5.5
n questions with full explanations
Certification: VMware Certification
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2016 Jun vcp550 blueprint:

Q11. Which two precautions should a vSphere administrator take before increasing the size of a VMFS datastore? (Choose two.) 

A. Unmount the datastore 

B. Perform a rescan to ensure that all hosts see the most current storage 

C. Quiesce I/O on all disks involved 

D. Shut down all virtual machines stored in the datastore 

Answer: B,C 

Q12. A vSphere Standard Switch is configured with two uplinks. 

When adjusting the failover order of the uplinks, what are two valid states in which an administrator can place the uplinks? (Choose two.) 

A. Active 

B. Unused 

C. Passive 

D. Disabled 

Answer: A,B 

Q13. A vSphere administrator needs to configure a virtual machine to meet a guaranteed CPU performance profile. 

Which configuration setting could the administrator choose? 

A. Set the CPU Limit to High 

B. Set the CPU Shares to 500MHz 

C. Set the CPU Guarantee to High 

D. Set the CPU Reservation to 500MHz 

Answer: D 

Q14. A vSphere administrator needs a way of sending noncritical ESXi events to a remote server. Due to budget constraints, no additional costs should be incurred. 

Which tool will best meet this requirement? 

A. vSphere Syslog Collector 

B. vSphere ESXi Dump Collector 

C. vSphere vCenter Log Insight 

D. vSphere Management Appliance 

Answer: A 

Q15. Which tool should an administrator use to modify vSphere Data Protection (VDP) backup jobs? 

A. vSphere Web Client 

B. vSphere Client using the VDP plugin 

C. VAMI on the VDP Appliance 

D. vSphere Management Appliance 

Answer: A 


Regenerate examcollection vcp550:

Q16. An administrator has deployed vSphere Data Protection and wants to configure several virtual machine backup jobs. When using the vSphere client on a Windows 7 desktop, the administrator notices that there is no icon for vSphere Data Protection in the Solutions and Applications area of the vSphere client. 

What is the reason the administrator is unable to access vSphere Data Protection from the vSphere client on their desktop? 

A. The vSphere Data Protection client plug-in is not installed on the administrator's desktop. 

B. Accessing vSphere Data Protection requires the use of the vSphere Web Client. 

C. The vSphere Data Protection plug-in is disabled in the vSphere Client on the administrator's desktop. 

D. The administrator's desktop does not have connectivity to the vSphere Data Protection virtual appliance. 

Answer: B 

Q17. An administrator needs to configure a Linux virtual machine template to support guest customization. The administrator has installed VMware Tools. 

Which additional component is necessary to enable Linux guest OS customization? 

A. Perl 

B. bash 

C. Python 

D. Sysprep 

Answer: A 

Q18. An administrator needs to use vSphere Update Manager to perform orchestrated upgrades of ESXi hosts and virtual machines. The vSphere management components reside in a secure environment that does not have direct access to the Internet. 

How would Update Manager be configured in this environment while maintaining the organization's security requirements? 

A. Install Update Manager Download Service on a machine with Internet access and configure an export policy to the Update Manager server. 

B. Install Update Manager Secure Gateway on a machine in the DMZ and configure an IPsec tunnel to the internal Update Manager server. 

C. Create a TFTP server as an HTTP proxy and configure an export policy to the Update Manager server. 

D. Enable gateway services on the Update Manager server and provide Internet access to the gateway address. 

Answer: A 

Q19. An application server has been added to an existing multi-tier application contained in a vApp. Shortly after a planned maintenance event, users are unable to access the application. 

What does the vSphere administrator need to change to ensure the application can be accessed? 

A. The startup order of the vApp 

B. The shutdown option to power off the virtual machines 

C. The IP Allocation policy to DHCP 

D. The Memory Shares to High 

Answer: A 

Q20. A developer needs to create a multi-tier development stack for a home lab. 

Which vSphere product will support the architecture required for the least software cost? 

A. vSphere Hypervisor 

B. vSphere Essentials 

C. VMware Player 

D. VMware Workstation 

Answer: A 

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