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Exam Number/Code: TK0-201
Exam name: CTT+ Exam (Certified Technical Trainer)
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Certification: CompTIA Certification
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Exam Code: TK0-201 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CTT+ Exam (Certified Technical Trainer)
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2016 May TK0-201 Study Guide Questions:

Q131. An instructor wants to begin their class in a positive manner. Which of the following would accomplish this?

A. Tell a lengthy story related to the importance of the class

B. Begin with a joke to create a relaxed environment

C. List every credential and acronym the instructor has for learner confidence

D. Let the learners know that the course is very challenging

Answer: B

Q132. During a virtual class the instructor has a learner that seems to be growing increasingly confused and now has questions that are distracting the rest of the class. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor to take?

A. Inform the class that they need to move on to new material.

B. Take the learner's questions into private chat.

C. Use the learner's questions to reinforce the material for the entire class.

D. Recommend the learner seek outside tutoring.

Answer: B

Q133. An instructor has just answered a question from a learner. Which of the following is the NEXT action the instructor should take?

A. Ask other learners to provide an example to further clarify the material

B. Seek feedback from the learner to show they understand.

C. Restate the material with further examples and diagrams.

D. Proceed on to the next section of material.

Answer: B


Up to date tk0-201 vce:

Q134. An instructor is teaching a week long course. One of the learners has not had as much exposure to the course material as the other learners. Which of the following describes how the instructor should handle the situation?

A. Give the learner additional homework to raise their competency level

B. Adjust the instruction to meet the needs of the learner while ensuring that all learning objectives are met

C. Excuse the learner from the class and have them check with their supervisor to determine if they had been assigned to the class in error

D. Administer a pre-test to all learners to see where the learners are ranking with the objectives

Answer: B

Q135. An instructor will deliver a course where the material has been recently revised but poorly written. Which of the following is the BEST approach in ensuring that the objectives of the course are obtained by the learners?

A. Teach from the revised material and give additional information to complement the material based on instructor's expertise.

B. Deliver the revised courseware and explain to the learners that other material is available upon request.

C. Instruct the learners using the revised course material and solicit feedback from the learners about the material.

D. Inform the learners that the revised material is a good reference but teach from the previous edition of the course.

Answer: A

Q136. Several learners in a training class are very motivated to help the instructor and other learners with a project. Other learners in the class seem not motivated to learn about the project. Which of the following can the instructor do to motivate all the learners?

A. Take the non-motivated learners aside and inform them they will fail the course without participation.

B. Add more visual interest to the course to hopefully motivate all the learners

C. Focus on the motivated learners and offer them incentives.

D. Encourage all the learners and pair the motivated learners with the non-motivated learners.

Answer: D

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Q137. A learner is consistently questioning their performance during a lab activity and needs the instructor's approval. The instructor observes that the learner is very hesitant to do the lab steps but completes the work correctly. Which of the following would the instructor do to BEST aid the learner?

A. Immediately go back to observe the learner when lab activity is required

B. Help other learners first then go to the one learner.

C. Allow time before or after class for the learner to complete the activities.

D. Reaffirm the correct abilities of the learner

Answer: D

Q138. Which of the following is the main advantage of using a multiple choice questionnaire when conducting training needs analysis?

A. Generates real-life data

B. Exposes the cause of performance problems

C. Allows the data to be anonymous

D. Yields data that is easily summarized and reported

Answer: D

Q139. While an instructor is answering questions during a course it is BEST for them to:

A. Answer the learner's questions by completely verifying their understanding of the subject.

B. Answer the question by referencing supporting documentation so the documents become tools.

C. Preface the answer with the learning objective and referenced section of the training course.

D. Create an open culture of information taken from every learner's background and job experience.

Answer: B

Q140. An instructor has been asked by a customer to conduct a course in two weeks. The course material being used is outdated. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the customer's request?

A. Inform the customer that updated material is available.

B. Ask the learners if they want to use the old material or the new material,

C. Use the present material because the learners will not know the difference.

D. Modify the material to meet current standards and teach the class.

Answer: A

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