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Exam Number/Code: TK0-201
Exam name: CTT+ Exam (Certified Technical Trainer)
n questions with full explanations
Certification: CompTIA Certification
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2016 May TK0-201 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. After a training class was completed, the instructor conducted several passive on the job observations of each learner who attended the class. Which of the following is the primary benefit of the observations?

A. It measures the application of the skills taught.

B. It validates the quality of the course material.

C. It requires the learners to use what they learned.

D. It helps to reinforce the learning concepts.

Answer: A

Q122. An instructor is a member of an organization that has recently received a great deal of unfavorable publicity about the actions of many of the organization's members at a recent convention. The instructor has just received the first instructional assignment since the publicized events took place. In this situation, which of the following must the instructor do FIRST to gain the respect of the audience?

A. Demonstrate acceptable personal conduct

B. Demonstrate content expertise

C. Demonstrate flexibility in response to learner needs and interests

D. Demonstrate effective questioning techniques

Answer: A

Q123. A client has asked an instructor to modify information for a course to give the learners the knowledge needed for their company's proprietary system. The instructor discovers that the material cannot be modified due to copyright regulations. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor?

A. Modify the material anyway for the client and do not tell them about the regulations.

B. Call the developer to see what the charge would be to change the material.

C. Advise the client of the copyright regulations and offer to use different material.

D. Tell the client class cannot be conducted because of the copyright regulations.

Answer: C


Updated comptia ctt+ essentials tk0-201:

Q124. An instructor asks a class if they understand the material being covered. Which of the following BEST describes the skill the instructor is demonstrating?

A. Plan and use a variety of reinforcement techniques during training.

B. Determine the learners need for clarification and/or feedback.

C. Evaluate the effectiveness of the training to meet the learning objectives.

D. Compare learner achievement with learning objectives.

Answer: B

Q125. An instructor is teaching a virtual class and notices that learner interaction has begun to taper off. A break was recently taken so fatigue does not seem to be the issue, but rattier a lack of understanding. Which of the following should the instructor implement to help identify where learners are getting confused"?

A. Switching from lecture to a more visual training method.

B. Quiz the learners during the virtual session.

C. Conduct a quick review session.

D. Introduce supporting materials.

Answer: B

Q126. When writing an exam question, which of the following should be covered?

A. Study objectives

B. Pre-requisite knowledge

C. Inferred knowledge

D. Course objectives

Answer: D

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Pinpoint tk0-201 braindumps:

Q127. An instructor is teaching a week long course for a vendor certification. A few learners are slowing the class down due to the lack of experience with the product. The rest of the learners are doing fine with the pace of the class. Which of the following would the instructor do to BEST assist the less experienced learners?

A. Slow the pace of the training down to ensure all the learners are learning at the same level.

B. Maintain the same pace of the class and work individually with the less experienced learners.

C. Suggest the learners retake the course again at a later time when they have more experience.

D. Allow the less experienced learners to have additional lab time before or after class.

Answer: D

Q128. An instructor is teaching an advanced two-day workshop for experienced users of a specific software program. The learners were recommended to participate by their supervisors. The instructor is informally talking with the learners prior to the first session, when one learner confides concerns about their ability to succeed in the course. The BEST way for the instructor to respond to the learner is to:

A. Convince the learner they should feel confident because of the recommendation by the learner's supervisor

B. Offer to contact the learner's supervisor and verify that the learner has the prerequisite skills for the course.

C. Monitor the learner's performance during the first part of the course and meet with the learner at the first break.

D. Assure the learner that the course material for the workshop will teach what the learner needs to succeed in the course.

Answer: C

Q129. The adult learning methodology with the LOWEST retention rate is:

A. Discussion

B. Reading

C. Lecture

D. Demonstration

Answer: C

Q130. An instructor is use to instructing experienced individuals. The instructor is delivering a class to a group of entry level learners. Which of the following will the instructor need to adjust for this specific group of learners?

A. Body movements and gestures

B. Technical terminology and acronyms

C. Proper syntax and use of grammar

D. Voice inflection and rate of speech

Answer: B

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