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How do you ensure that products can’t be removed from an opportunity after it reaches a certain stage? Choose 2 answers:

A. Validation rule on opportunity product

B. Enable audit trail

C. Update record type & page layout to remove ability to add product

D. Validationrule to ensure rollup summary field on opportunity doesn’t change

Answer: AD

Q12. Which of the following steps accurately describe the process map insales and marketing organizations?

A. Lead generation, lead qualification, revenue management (forecasting)

B. Lead generation, revenue management (forecasting), lead qualification

C. Lead generation, lead qualification, opportunity conversion

D. Lead generation and qualification, opportunity conversion, revenue management (forecasting)

Answer: A


What are some use cases for using Sites?

Answer: Create an event site; Advertise upcoming events, such as grand openings, launches, or sales kick-offs on a public event site

Promote new products—Launch new products into the market with a promotional website that helps drive sales

Publish a support FAQ—Provide helpful information on a public website where customers can view solutions to their issues

Create microsites and landing pages—Create temporary landing pages or targeted micro sites for marketing c

Q14. Describe Quota.

A. Benchmark of how much should be sold within acertain time frame

B. Revenue projection that can be expressed indollar amounts, units of product family, or both

C. Consists of opportunities in various stages of maturity

Answer: A

Q15. Your org-wide defaults for access rights to Price Books are set to "Use", but only Sales Reps should have access to Price Books. What should be your first step?

A. Change the org-wide default setting to "No Access"

B. Change the org-wide default setting to "View Only"

C. Leave the org-wide default setting, but change the Sales Reps' access rights

D. Change the Sales Reps' access rights to "Use'

Answer: A


When working with multiple currencies, what currency will an individual's forecastbe reported in?

Answer: All amounts in your forecast are shown in your personal currency.

Q17. Which best describes the Salesforce Automation feature "Activities"?

A. Ensures that we are tracking our progress towards the desiredstates.

B. Enforces the business process.

C. Identifies key stakeholders from the buy side.

D. Makes sure we recognize those involved in the sales process.

E. Allows to better automate the sales methodology.

F. Determines the sales stages of an organization.

Answer: A

Q18. What are some common security challenges? (Select all that apply)

A. Consultants have different beliefs about the optimal level of security for clients

B. Different industries require and follow different security models

C. Marketing and sales organizations differ on how they access contacts.

D. Salesforce users must have access to the right records and only see relevant data.

Answer: BCD

Q19. Which of the following descriptions best describe Quotes?

A. A tool for extending pricing proposals to customers

B. A content management tool for users who seek information

C. A library that allows access to documents

D. A collaboration tool

E. A data enrichment tool that maintains updated data

Answer: A

Q20. What should you do when migrating Opportunities?

A. Determine ifyou need to load owner who are not current users

B. Always load all owners, including those who are not current users

C. Only load owners who are current users

D. Load all available data, including owners

Answer: A