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Q81. Planning an implementation – what should be included in end user support plan – choose 2 answers:

A. Meeting schedule to review openissues

B. Process for users to report issues

C. Communication to customers about potential issues

D. 24x7 IT support

Answer: AB

Q82. Describe Forecast.

A. Benchmark of how much should be sold within a certain time frame

B. Revenue projection that can be expressed in dollar amounts, units of product family, or both C. Consists ofopportunities in various stages of maturity

Answer: B


In anorganizationwith a private sharing model, Sam is a sales exec that reports to John, a Sales Manager. Sam has ownership of theABC Company account record, and also has created an opportunityfor ABC Co. Can Sam see John's data?

Answer: No. John, as the manager in the hierarchy can see Sam's data, butnot the other way around.


Sales Methodology means an industry recognized standard sales process?

Answer: False - Sales Methodology is what works for yourorganizationtools such as MillerHeismanleverage learning in this area.


Is 'Join' available as an option for all groups visible through Chatter?

Answer: No. You can join a public group, but must 'Request to Join' a privategroup. This will generate an email request to the owner or managers of a private group who can then allow you to join.


What happens if you change a private group to public in Chatter?

Answer: If you change a private group to public, updates and files are visible to all users, all pending requests to join the group are accepted, and anyone can join the group.

Q87. Which of the following statements are true about an end user's forecast? (Select all that apply)

A. Is updated in the system every evening at 5 pm

B. This aggregate can be dollars of revenue

C. This aggregate can be units of products

D. This aggregate can be both dollars or revenue and units of products

E. Rolls up according to the forecast hierarchy

Answer: BCDE

Q88. Your forecast is available to your manager only after you have clicked the Submit button.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B


Where are Dated Exchange rates not used?

Answer: Dated exchange rates are not used in forecasting, currency fields inother objects, or currency fields in other types of reports.


Where multiple currencies are enabled, how is theuser’spersonal currency amount displayed?

Answer: In parentheses.