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Q11. Users complain that access to the Internet is down. You review your network management system 

(NMS) and findthe following: 

The core routerrebooted last night. 

Network traffic on your Internet gateway is at 5%. 

The configuration on your firewall was just rolled back. The corporate mail server is down. 

Which issue should you investigate first? 

A. The core routerrebooted last night. 

B. Network traffic on your Internet gateway is at 5%. 

C. The configuration on your firewall was just rolled back. 

D. The corporate mail server is down. 


Q12. You notice that several routers are showing an increase in CPU and memory utilization that is starting to concern you. 

What will likely happen if this trend continues? 

A. Latency through the routers will increase. 

B. The network management system (NMS) will stop monitoring the routers. 

C. Access control lists (ACLs) will be bypassed by the routers. 

D. The routers will deprioritize and drop packets over 1500 bytes. 


Q13. You are monitoring your Internet connection, and your ISP has guaranteed512 Kbps. 

Historical data shows that your connection speed holds at 256 Kbps for long periods of time, but never exceeds this speeD. What does this indicate? 

A. the ISP has misconfigured the link. 

B. the WAN router is misconfigureD. 

C. the NAT table is overloadeD. 

D. QoS is dropping low priority traffiC. 


Q14. Why are management loopback interfaces important when managing routers, switches, and firewalls? 

A. They have anIP address of, and therefore, are notroutablE. 

B. They are always available, even if the device is down. 

C. They provide unique statistics on interface traffiC. 

D. They are "up" and reachable as long as the device itself is reachablE. 


Q15. How can the Universal Device Poller (UnDP) be launched? 

A. as an executable application 

B. from the web console if advanced options are enabled 

C. from the web console if you are the administrator 

D. by right clicking on any device name in Orion 


Q16. Which network management system (NMS) statistic is most likely to indicate a potential network growth issue? 

A. bandwidth utilizations 

B. uptime 

C. response time 

D. packet losses 


Q17. You want to monitor a specific device attribute that Orion NPM does not support by default.Whichtype of contentshould you download from the Thwack Content Exchange? 

A. Universal Device Pollers (UnDP) 

B. Device Templates 

C. Application Monitor Templates 

D. Custom Reports 


Q18. Every Monday morning, you need to provide a report onthe previousweeks network-wide availability. Which component should you use to accomplish this task? 

A. Orion Report Writer 

B. Orion Report Scheduler 

C. Windows Task Scheduler 

D. Orion Web Console Scheduler 


Q19. Users at a remote site in Paris are complaining that access to the company CRM is slow. 

Orion is collecting data on this performance, but you need a more real-time perspective on the problem. 

What should you do? 

A. install an Orion polling engine to collect real-time data at the site in Paris 

B. increase the polling interval in Orion for monitoring of devices inParis 

C. launch a real-time tool to measure and analyze performance while the problem is occurring 

D. use the Polling Engine Tuner to increase the Max PollsPer Second settings in Orion 


Q20. What is the most efficient way to share a custom report with other Orion NPM users? 

A. export a report from Report Writer and then upload it to the Thwack content sharing zone 

B. download a model report from Thwack, and then paste it in your custom SQL query 

C. upload a report to Thwackdirectly from System Manager 

D. upload a report to Thwack from the Orion Web Console Report view