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Q61. After making a configuration change to a gateway router, all of the devices past that router appear down in the network management system (NMS). However, the NMS is still gathering CPU and memory statistics on the devices. 

What is the first thing you should do to diagnose the issue? 

A. check the configurations of each affected device 

B. check the gateway router configuration for an access list change 

C. check the devices tosee if any antivirus is blocking ICMP 

D. check the gateway router configurationto make sure adefault route exists 


Q62. Users are complaining that theyare unable toaccess the corporate Microsoft Exchange Server. 

Orion has detected the following: 

The switch port connected to the Exchange Server is "shutdown". 

User experience monitors for the Outlook Web Access component are failinG. The Exchange 

Server is "down". 

The services that make up Microsoft Exchange are "down". 

What is the root cause of the users' inability to access the Exchange Server? 

A. The switch port connected to the Exchange Server is "shutdown". 

B. User experience monitors for the Outlook Web Access (OWA) component are failinG. 

C. the Exchange Server is "down". 

D. The services that make up Microsoft Exchange are "down". 


Q63. Without regard to reliability, what is the fastest methodfor detecting network faults? 

A. listening for SNMP traps 

B. querying with SNMP 

C. analyzing traffic with NetFlow 

D. querying with WMI 


Q64. The Orion NPM administrator needs to create an NOC view that hasonly a summary page. Which Orion component should you use to accomplish this? 

A. Account Limitation Builder 

B. Custom Property Editor 

C. Customize Menu Bars 

D. System Manager 


Q65. Which two metrics should be monitored to determine if a network device is overloaded? (Choose two.) 

A. CPU utilization 

B. bandwidth utilization 

C. memory utilization 

D. packet loss 

E. response time 

Answer: AC 

Q66. How should you visually represent service level agreement (SLA) interface utilization thresholds within the Orion NPM Web Console? 

A. export data from the Orion database to a spreadsheet, use its graphing functions to chart the data, and draw a line for theSLA level 

B. definesSLA as a custom property in the Orion database, and populates it with the correct SLA values 

C. export the charts to a visual editing tool and hand draw theSLA level on the charts 

D. use SQL Reporting Services to export the data 


Q67. You are monitoring a Windows 2003 Server via SNMP. 

Which service must be enabled on the target serverto allow the network management service 

(NMS) tocollect CPU load data? 

A. SNMP Trap Service 

B. SNMP Service 


D. Events to Traps Translator Service 


Q68. Your firewall currently allows port 6343 traffic to your network management system (NMS). What is the port most likely being used for? 


B. IP service level agreement (SLA) 

C. sFlow 



Q69. While growing the network monitoring team, whatis the most appropriate way to ensure that the OrionNPM is not over-utilized? 

A. create an administrator account for all users 

B. have all users access the server remotely 

C. deploy an additional poller 

D. deploy an additional web server 


Q70. Your company has asked you to expand your network management to include a new site with several hundred devices, although you are not sure how many. Using Orion Network Discovery, your top priority is completeness of discovery. 

Which two Orion discovery settings should you use to achieve your goal? (Choose two.) 

A. exclude any new subnets found during the network discovery 

B. include any new subnets found during the network discovery 

C. include specific IP addresses through a seed file 

D. decrease the overall speed of the discovery process 

E. decrease the number of SNMP retries 

F. increase the overall speed of the discovery process 

Answer: BD