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Q41. Scenario Additional Information Extract from the Communication Management Strategy. The project information in the table below is true, but it may not be recorded under the correct heading or be in the correct document. 

Using the Project Scenario, select the appropriate response to each of the following 5 questions which have been raised by the Project Board. The project is now at the end of the initiation stage. Having decided that the Calendar project is a relatively simple project, the Project Manager combined the Starting Up a Project process and the Initiating a Project process. No Project Brief has been produced.  Instead  the  Project Manager used the project mandate  to produce a simple Project Initiation Documentation (PlO). The PlO includes the Business Case, a product checklist and several Product   Descriptions, Including the Project Product Description. Short sections are also included for each of the strategies and the controls to be applied. The Project Manager has elected to use the Daily Log to record all risks, issues, lessons and quality - results. 

After the initiation stage there will be two further stages during which a small number of Work Packages will be authorized. While these are being managed, the Project Manager will hold regular checkpoints, which will support the production of weekly Highlight Reports to the Project Board. This question provides a number of changes which may or may not be required to the Extract from the Communication Management Strategy provided in the additional information. Which statement applies to the Communication procedure section? 

A. No change to entry 2 because this is a sufficient description of the process required. 

B. Amend entry 2 to include MNO Manufacturing Company standards for both internal and external company communications. 

C. Delete entry 2 because only variations from the MNO Manufacturing Company standards should be recorded here. 


Q42. Scenario Product Summary A list of customers will be collated. This will use existing information from the Accounts department about current customers,  and existing information  from the Marketing department  about prospective customers. Using the tariff of mailing costs available from the Post Office, a production cost forecast will be produced to allow the CEO and the Marketing Director to decide whether to continue with the project. If they decide to continue, they will give the approval to launch the internal label design competition. Competition rules will be required to communicate details of the competition to the staff. The chosen label design will then be selected from the competition entries. The photos for the calendar must be based on existing photo design ideas available from the Marketing department. The selected photos will be chosen from these. Monthly calendar displays will be created to show the required layout of each page. Product Breakdown Structure (contains errors) 

Extract from Stage Plan for stage 3. 

(All entries are true statements but may not be shown under the correct heading or 

in the correct document). 

Using the Project Scenario and the Extract from Stage Plan for stage 3 provided as additional intonation for this question in the Scenario Booklet, answer the following 5 questions. The Stage Plan for stage 3 has been produced. The Engineering Manager insists  that there  are to be no interruptions  to operations whilst photographs are being taken of the engineering staff performing their everyday duties and operating machinery. Two weeks ago the professional photographer produced the photo session schedule based on the operational staff schedule. The operational staff schedule is produced weekly and maintained by the Engineering Manager. None of the £500 change budget has been used to date and this is available for the stage. Which 2 statements apply to the External dependencies section? 

A. Delete entry 5 because the new company logo is being delivered by a separate project and will be detailed in the plans for that project. 

B. Move entry 5 to Plan  prerequisites  because the  new company logo will influence  the label designs. 

C. Move entry 5 to Plan description because the new company logo will be delivered during stage 3. 

D. Delete entry 6 because the customer details were used in stage 2 to create the customer list. 

E. Delete entry 7 because it should be shown in the Product Description for the label design. 

Answer: D, E 

Q43. Which of the following principles describes this statement?" xxx defines tolerances for each project objective to establish limits of delegated authority" 

A. Manage by stages 

B. Focus on products 

C. Manage by exception 

D. Learn from experience 


Q44. Scenario: The Ministry of Food Hygiene (MFH) has a quality management system which contains a document control process to manage all documentation requirements. The document control process was created by the MFH Quality Manager, who now maintains all of MFH's documents and performs an organization-wide configuration management role. The MFH Quality Manager will administer the configuration management procedure for the Restructuring project since this must comply with the MFH document control process. What products will be impacted by this change? 

A. All of the project's products created so far. 

B. Only those products created in the first three weeks of stage 3. 

C. All of the project's products which relate to or include services provided by the Facilities Division. 

D. No products would need to be changed but some will need to be removed from the project. 




Techniques, processes and procedures 


 Any threat that may result in a loss of MFH data must be escalated immediately. Joint agreements 


 Work is to start at the beginning of week 2 (Stage 4). 


 The project will take two years to complete, at an estimated cost of £2.5m. Tolerances 


 None. Constraints 


 MFH staff must not be involved in any heavy lifting during the removal of existing IT equipment. 


 Installation work must take place during MFH normal working hours. 


 +£10,000 / -£25,000. Reporting arrangements 


 Highlight Report every Monday by 10.00 am. 


The report must  contain a summary of  all products worked on during the previous week. 


 Project Manager must be notified of any issues immediately by telephone. Problem handling and escalation 


 Impact analysis of all issues must be completed within 24 hours. Extracts or references 


 The Stage Plan for stage 4 is available from Project Support. Approval method 


Project Assurance will review the  completed  Work Package  and confirm completion Which 2 statements apply to either the Techniques, processes and  procedures or Constraints sections? 

A. Delete entry 1 because this section should contain the techniques, processes and procedures required for specialist product development. 

B. Add 'There must be minimum disruption to current services' to Constraints. 

C. Move entry 5 to Techniques, processes  and procedures  because  this is a technique which staff should be aware of. 

D. Delete entry 6 because this applies to Office Moves Limited and is therefore outside the Work Package. 

E. Delete entry 7 because this should be contained in the Quality skills required section of the Product Description. 

Answer: D, E 

Q46. Which activity is responsible for updating the  stage plan with actual during Controlling a Stage? 

A. Review the stage status 

B. Review work package status 

C. Report Highlights 

D. Take corrective action 



When does Directing a Project begin? 

A. From the beginning of Starting up a Project 

B. From the beginning of Initiating a Project 

C. From the completion of Starting up a Project 

D. From the completion of Initiating a Project 



Which of the following statements is true of the business interest on the project? 

A. Ensures the project provides value for money 

B. Ensures the requirements for the project are defined 

C. Ensures the products produced meet the desired quality 

D. Represents the users of the product 


Q49. Scenario Extract from the Project Product Description (with errors) Which 2 statements apply to the Derivation section? 

A. Move entry 9 to Composition because this is within the scope of the project. 

B. Delete entry 10 because this is NOT a source product for this project. 

C. Delete entry 11 as this is already correctly shown under Development Skills required. 

D. Move entry 12 to Composition, because this is within the scope of this project. 

E. Add 'Professional photographer'. 

Answer: C, D 

Q50. The Team Manager has received notification that the new hardware and software solution has been installed and completed, but there is a concern that it has not been approved by the appropriate people. Which 2 actions should the Team Manager take to check that the completed  products have been approved as required? 

A. Check the Work Package to ascertain who should approve the completed Work Package. 

B. Check the Product Descriptions to ascertain who should have approved the products. 

C. Check the Configuration Management Strategy for product handover procedures. 

D. Check the approval records as required in the Work Package. 

E. Check the Product Descriptions for the quality method required. 

Answer: B, D