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Exam Number/Code: PMI-SP
Exam name: PMI Scheduling Professional Practice Test
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2016 Jun PMI-SP exam answers

Q41. Marty is the project manager of the recently completed NHK Project. The project was deemed successful by the project customer and they have signed the formal acceptance documentation. Marty has written the final project report, released the project team, and completed the lessons learned documentation. What else should Marty do in the closure of the NHK Project?

A. Archive the project records.

B. Summarize the project risks costs.

C. Summarize the project variance.

D. Close the project office.

Answer: A

Q42. You have been hired as a project manager for Tech Perfect Inc. You are studying the documentation of planning of a project. The documentation states that there are twenty-five stakeholders with the project.

What will be the number of communication channels for the project?

A. 300

B. 50

C. 600

D. 25

Answer: A

Q43. You are the project manager for your organization. You are working with your virtual team to create activity duration estimates for your current project. This virtual team is comprised of team members from around the world. Much of this process will be completed by geographical locations though some conferences will require all the team members to participate and to coordinate the activities that will interact between the different sites. The project manager must consider all of the following when creating the activity duration estimates except for which one?

A. Project calendar

B. Critical path

C. Resource calendar

D. Time zone differences

Answer: B

Q44. Harry works as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. A risk that has been identified and analyzed in the project planning processes is now coming into fruition. Who among the following is responsible for implementing the risk responses or contingency plan?

A. Risk owner

B. Harry

C. Project sponsor

D. Subject matter expert

Answer: A

Q45. You are the project manager for your organization. You are managing a project to create new software for your clients. During the project execution, there have been some unforeseen delays that will require your attention. You will need four inputs to the control schedule process. Which of the following documents would not be an input for the control schedule process?

A. Project schedule

B. Work performance information

C. Project management plan

D. Earned value management results

Answer: D


Most up-to-date PMI-SP sample question:

Q46. You are the project manager of the GHE Project. You have identified the following risks with the characteristics as shown in the following figure: How much capital should the project set aside for the risk contingency reserve?

A. $142,000

B. $232,000

C. $41,750

D. $23,750

Answer: D

Q47. Adrian is the project manager for her project. This new project needs to identify all the stakeholders that will be affected by the project's outcome. How stakeholders are usually identified?

A. Stakeholders are usually identified through a stakeholder register.

B. Stakeholders are identified by the project team, project sponsor, and management.

C. Stakeholders are identified through the project customers.

D. Stakeholders are usually identified by interviewing identified stakeholders and expanding the list until all potential stakeholders are included.

Answer: D

Q48. Jack works as a project manager for the NHQ project. His project has a budget of $2,208,456 and is scheduled to last for three years. His project is currently forty percent complete though it should be forty-five percent complete. In order to reach this point of the project, he has spent $725,000. Management needs a performance report regarding the NHQ project. Management is concerned that this project will be over budget upon completion. Management would like to create a report telling them how much more the project will need to complete. What value should Jack tell the management?

A. $1,087,497.74

B. $755,000.56

C. $1,112,978.45

D. $790,988.76

Answer: A

Q49. Thomas works as a contract-based project manager for BlueWell Inc. Management has hired Thomas to manage a high-risk project because Thomas has years of experience with this technology and similar project. Thomas would like to use his own templates for the project schedule, quality, and risk management approach. Management is fine with this, except after reviewing the template they had preferred Thomas to use 24-hour time periods for his project calendar rather than the 8-hour time periods as indicated. Thomas agrees, but now he has to update what document in his project management plan?

A. Project calendar

B. Activity attributes

C. Resource calendar

D. Schedule management plan

Answer: A

Q50. You are the project manager of the NHQ Project. Management has told you that resource leveling will be enforced on your project, but they still want you to complete the project by July 2. With the current resources you have and the resource leveling imposed, you would not be able to finish by the constraint.

What document should you update to address this situation?

A. Project activity resource requirements

B. Project schedule management plan

C. Project scope

D. Project charter

Answer: A

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