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Exam Number/Code: OG0-023
Exam name: ArchiMate 2 Combined Part 1 and 2 Examination
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Q41. ArchiSurance, a Risk Assessment service provided by a Risk Measurement application enables actuaries to assess and mitigate financial risks as part of the Enterprise Risk Management process. 

Which combination of relationships, when added to this diagram, would best represent  this situation? 

A. 1. Realization and 2. Assignment 

B. 1. Used by and 2. Realization 

C. 1. Realization and 2. Realization 

D. 1. Realization and 2. Used By 


Q42. Which of the following best describes why ArchiMate supporls specialization of concepts? 

A. It is the only way to model enterprise architectures that are useable and easy to communicate to the stakeholders 

B. It is needed to represent the same concept on different viewpoints 

C. It provides extra flexibility, enabling users to customize the language to their own preferences and needs, while maintaining the underlying precise definition of the concepts 

D. It is allowed because without this mechanism it would be impossible to add attributes to ArchiMate concepts and relations 


Q43. Which of the following most correctly interprets the diagram? 

A. A Claim Letter represents a Claim Judgment 

B. Information from Claim Letters is considered in Claim Judgments 

C. Claim Letters are written before Claim Judgments are made 

D. A Claim Letter is a particular type of Claim Judgment 


Q44. Which of the numbered assignment relationships is not allowed according to the ArchiMate metamodel? 

A. Number 1 

B. Number 2 

C. Number 3 

D. Number 4 


Q45. Consider the following diagram using the Implementation and Migration extension: 

Which of the following statements correctly describes the concepts shown in the diagram? 

A. Business processes 

B. Plateau and deliverables 

C. Project components 

D. Work packages 


Q46. Consider the following diagram: 

What does the diagram express about the Underwriting Application? 

A. It has three distinct components 

B. It processes three different types of data objects 

C. It performs three different functions 

D. It groups together three components that are not a part of the Underwriting Application 


Q47. The Application Co-operation viewpoint describes the relationships between application components in terms of the information flows between them, or in terms of the services they offer and use. Which of the following concepts cannot be used in an Application Co-operation view? 

A. Business object 

B. Location 

C. Application interface 

D. Data object 


Q48. Consider the following diagram, in which CSR stands for Customer Service Representative: 

Which of the following statement is expressed by the diagram? 

A. CSR Training has four key modules, each focusing on a different topic 

B. The CSR Training business service is valuable in four different ways 

C. CSR Training is a basic service, upon which four sub-services depend 

D. CSR Training accesses four different types of information 


Q49. A travel insurance product offers a combination of non-automated and automated services to customers, as shown in the following diagram. 

Which of the following is the correct relationship to be used between  the product and the application services? 

A. Product aggregates Application Services 

B. Application Services aggregate Product 

C. Product realizes Application Services 

D. Application Services realize Product 


Q50. Consider the following diagram, which conforms to a standard ArchiMate viewpoint that uses a simplified notation: 

To which standard ArchiFvlate viewpoint does this diagram conform? 

A. Elementary viewpoint 

B. Introductory viewpoint 

C. Coherence viewpoint 

D. Deciding viewpoint