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A network technician is connecting two switches together. Which of the following protocols should the technician use to increase speed and fault tolerance?

  • A. SIP
  • B. BGP
  • C. LACP
  • D. LLDP

Answer: C

A contractor is setting up and configuring conference rooms for a convention. The contractor sets up each room in the conference center to allow wired Internet access going to individual tables. The contractor measured the distance between the hotel’s patch panel to the jack, and the distance is within Cat 5e specifications. The contractor is concerned that the room will be out of specification if cables are run in each room from the wall jacks. Which of the following actions should the contractor take to ensure the cable runs meet specifications and the network functions properly?

  • A. Place a switch at the hotel’s patch panel for connecting each room’s cables
  • B. Place a switch on each table to ensure strong connectivity
  • C. Place repeaters between the patch panel and the rooms
  • D. place a switch at the wall jack and run the cables in the room from there

Answer: A

A network technician is configuring a wireless network. To avoid interference from other wireless networks in the area, the technician should change which setting?

  • A. Channel
  • B. SSID
  • C. Firewall rule
  • D. Encryption

Answer: A

Which of the following would a company place at the edge of its network if it wants to view and control which Internet applications are being used?

  • A. VPN concentrator
  • B. NGFW
  • C. IDS/IPS
  • D. Proxy server

Answer: B

An 801.11g wireless access point was configured as follows:
- AP encryption forced to WPA2-AES mode only
- MAC address filtering enabled with the following MAC address in the allow list: 00-ab-29-da-c3-40 Which is true about the above configuration?

  • A. Any 802.11b/g compatible client can connect to the wireless network if they support TKIP, the MAC address is 00-ab-29-da-c3-40, and the encryption key is known by the client.
  • B. An 802.11a compatible client can connect to the wireless network only if its MAC address is 00- ab-29-da-c3-40 and the encryption key is known by the client.
  • C. An 802.11n compatible client can connect to the wireless network only if its MAC address is 00- ab-29-da-c3-40 and the encryption key is known by the client.
  • D. Any 802.11g compatible client can connect to the wireless network if the encryption key is known by the client.

Answer: C

A network technician is configuring a wireless network at a branch office. Users at this office work with large files and must be able to access their files on the server quickly. Which of the following 802.11 standards provides the MOST bandwidth?

  • A. a
  • B. ac
  • C. g
  • D. n

Answer: B

Two WAPs are positioned with overlapping coverage, but seamless roaming across them is not working. Which of the following should be checked?

  • A. WPA should be enabled
  • B. PKI should be turned off
  • C. WAP SSIDs are matching
  • D. WAPs are transmitting on same channel

Answer: C

A network technician is building a network for a small office. The office currently has cable TV and now requires access to the Internet without adding any cabling other than what is already in place. Which of the following solutions should the technician install to meet these requirements?

  • A. DOCSIS modem
  • B. Wireless router
  • C. DSL modem
  • D. Access point

Answer: A

A company is having a new T1 line installed. Which of the following will the connection MOST likely terminate to?

  • A. Core switch
  • B. MDF
  • C. Ethernet router
  • D. IDF

Answer: B

A firewall that operates at Layer 7 of the OSI model is known as a(n):

  • A. Circuit gateway
  • B. Packet filter
  • C. Application level
  • D. Redundant firewall

Answer: C

In which of the following scenarios should a technician use a cross-over cable to provide connectivity?

  • A. PC to switch
  • B. Switch to AP
  • C. Router to switch
  • D. Router to modem
  • E. PC to PC

Answer: E

A technician has installed a Linux server in the tax office. The server can access most of the resources on the network, but it cannot connect to another server that has a share for backup. The technician learns that the target server is on a different subnet. Which of the following tools should the technician use to ensure the Linux server can reach the backup location?

  • A. netstat
  • B. traceroute
  • C. route
  • D. dig
  • E. ifconfig

Answer: B

A network technician is trying to terminate CAT5 modular jacks. Which of the following tools would be MOST appropriate for this scenario?

  • A. Crimper
  • B. OTDR
  • C. Throughput tester
  • D. Punch down tool

Answer: D

Kim, the client, has requested a cost-effective network solution to accommodate the ability to reconfigure the office space as needed. Which networking solution would provide the BEST solution?

  • A. Private IP Addressing
  • B. Wireless Access Points
  • C. Wide Area Networking
  • D. Virtual Local Area Networks

Answer: B

A network technician is diagnosing a time-out issue generated from an end user’s web browser. The web browser issues standard HTTP get and post commands to interact with the website. Given this information, the technician would like to analyze the entire TCP handshake of the HTTP requests offline. Which of the following tools would allow the technician to view the handshake?

  • A. Packet analyzer
  • B. Port analyzer
  • C. SNMP traps
  • D. Spectrum analyzer

Answer: A

Which of the following is a reason why a business may be hesitant to move sensitive data to a SaaS cloud service?

  • A. Decreased performance of internal network
  • B. Loss of full control over data resources
  • C. Increased malware exposure
  • D. Incompatibility with the current network

Answer: B

An administrator is replacing an existing WAP because the customer is reporting that the connection speeds are too slow. Which of the following should be installed?

  • A. 802.11a
  • B. 802.11b
  • C. 802.11g
  • D. 802.11n

Answer: D

Which of the following needs to be configured on a switch to use a packet sniffer?

  • A. Port trunking
  • B. Port mirroring
  • C. Tagged VLAN
  • D. Untagged VLAN

Answer: B

An organization wants to perform maintenance on any of its web servers without affecting the service availability during a scheduled change window. Which of the following network devices would be required to provide this functionality?

  • A. Router
  • B. Forward proxy
  • C. Load balancer
  • D. Firewall

Answer: C

Which of the following default ports would need to be disabled to block TFTP traffic?

  • A. 20
  • B. 21
  • C. 69
  • D. 123

Answer: C

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