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You are a technical support specialist for your company.
The Company's sales staff are issued a company laptop to use when interfacing with Microsoft Dynamics 365. They need to integrate their smart phones with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well. Many of their phones, however, do not have a supported web browser.
What should you suggest to meet this sales staffs need?

  • A. Advise them to run the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web app on their phones.
  • B. Advise them to use the web client to access Microsoft Dynamics 365 from their phones.
  • C. Advise them to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App from the Office 365 Admin portal.
  • D. Advise them to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App from their phone's store.

Answer: D

You work for an organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to quote prices to customers.
The organization wants to incentivize bulk purchases by offering discounts on purchases of larger quantities.
How should you offer bulk discounts?

  • A. Create a Discount List and associate it with the Price List Item directly.
  • B. Create a Discount List, and associate it with the Quote directly.
  • C. Create a Discount List and associate it with the Product directly.
  • D. Create a Discount List and associate it with the Price List directly.

Answer: C

You have been communicating with a lead for two weeks, and now you have determined that you are in a good position to move forward on your sales process. You have decided to qualify the lead.
When qualifying the lead, what happens next in your standard sales process?

  • A. An order is created.
  • B. An opportunity is created.
  • C. An invoice is created.
  • D. A quote is created.

Answer: D

You are a sales manager for a large sales organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Many of your products have different pricing, based on geographical area.
You want your sales people to automatically be assigned the designated price, based on their assigned territory.
How can you accomplish this?

  • A. Assign a product catalog for each territory.
  • B. Assign a default price list for each territory.
  • C. Assign a discount list for each territory.
  • D. Assign a base currency for each territory.

Answer: B

An organization uses goals in a hierarchy with parent and child goals in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
A sales manager leaves the organization and will not be replaced. The sales manager's goal has 10 child goals under it.
You want to keep the child goals while removing the sales manager's parent goal from the system.
What action should you take?

  • A. Deactivate the parent goal
  • B. Delete the parent goa
  • C. The 10 child goals will not be affected.
  • D. Recreate the 10 child goals without the parent goa
  • E. Then, delete the old parent and child goals.
  • F. In each of the 10 child goals, clear the parent goal field and then delete the parent goal.

Answer: D

You receive an email from a prospect and would like to create a Lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365. You want the email from the prospect connected to the Lead. How can you accomplish this goal?

  • A. Navigate to your instance in Microsoft Outlook and create a Lead.
  • B. Track the email- Manually create a Lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • C. Track the emai
  • D. Convert the email to a Lead record.
  • E. Create a Lead from the CRM tab in Microsoft Outlook.

Answer: A

You are working on a sales opportunity for a maintenance company. You learn that the company has a new COO.
You need to quickly add this new person to the opportunity.
Which form should you use to capture this information in relationship to the opportunity?

  • A. Quick Create Activity form
  • B. Quick Create Campaign Response form
  • C. Quick Create Lead form
  • D. Quick Create Contact form

Answer: B

You are working with an organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365. The organization communicates with their customers primarily via email.
The organization is struggling with getting emails tracked in Dynamics 365 on the right records, and emails are often not tracked at all.
Which feature should you recommend implementing to get visibility of untracked emails inside Dynamics 365 for relevant

  • A. Relationship Insights with Email Engagement
  • B. Relationship Assistant
  • C. Server-Side Synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Exchange
  • D. Relationship Insights with Auto Capture

Answer: D

As a manager, you are only measured on annual goals for your staff, but your sales staff is measured quarterly.
You need to set up goals, meeting the requirements and using a minimum amount of goals without creating new rollup queries.
Which approach should you take?

  • A. Create quarterly and annual goals for each sales person, with an annual parent goal for you.
  • B. Create quarterly and annual goals for each sales person, with both a quarterly and annual parent goals for you.
  • C. Create quarterly goals for each sales person measured, with an annual parent goal for your measurement
  • D. Create quarterly goals for each sales person, and an annual goal for your opportunities.

Answer: A

You are a sales professional for a medium-sized firm.
You are entering information into Microsoft Dynamics you organized at a trade show. What type of record should you create for each card?

  • A. Prospect
  • B. Lead
  • C. Account
  • D. Opportunity

Answer: B


You have exchanged a few emails with a lead and it is now evident that your organization will be able to fulfill the customer's need.
You need to proceed to the next step on the sales process and remove the lead from the Open Leads view, but keep it in the system for later review.
What should you do?

  • A. Delete the Lead.
  • B. Activate the Lead
  • C. Close the Lead as Won.
  • D. Qualify the Lead.

Answer: A

Your sales manager has asked you to take over management of a sale for a customer that was managed by a previous employee.
You want to make sure everyone who views the Opportunity has full visibility to everything that has happened with the sale to this point and allow other staff to see that you are now managing the sale.
How can you meet these needs in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • A. Email the new management information to everyone in the company.
  • B. Delete the Opportunity and recreate it.
  • C. Assign the record to yourself.
  • D. Assign the record to a team.

Answer: D

An organization uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track Opportunities and Competitors.
They want to make sure that a competitor is always tracked when it is mentioned in an email from a potential customer regarding an opportunity-How can this be achieved using the fewest steps?

  • A. Instruct users to always manually associate the competitor when the Competitor Mentioned card is shown by the Relationship Assistant.
  • B. Configure the Relationship Assistant, and check the Card Option for the Competitor Mentioned card to perform the associated action automatically instead of displaying the card.
  • C. In the configuration for Auto Capture, enable the option to track competitors automatically when mentioned in emails regarding an opportunity.
  • D. Create a workflow to scan emails for competitor names, and associate the mentioned competitor to the opportunity.

Answer: A

You are a sales executive for a sates organization. You are inputting data to create your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.
One of your customers is the purchasing manager at Contoso Ltd- and has been ordering from you for over two years after being referred by the VP of Operations of one of your current customers, Fabrikam.
You need to input the required records for this data.
Which three examples represent accurate record configurations? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Create a lead record for Fabrikam.
  • B. Create an account record for the purchasing manager at Contoso Ltd.
  • C. Create a connection record for VP of Operations at Fabrikam.
  • D. Create an account record for Contoso Ltd.
  • E. Create a contact record for the purchasing manager at Contoso Ltd.

Answer: ABD

You are a sales manager for a large company that is about to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.
A company called Fabrikam. Inc. has three divisions within the company that purchase services from your firm.
You have created an account record for each of the three divisions and for Fabrikam. Inc. and need to link the records.
How should you set up the records to properly link the record for Fabrikam, Inc. with its three divisions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 account management?

  • A. Fabrikam, In
  • B. is a Primary Contact
  • C. Fabrika
  • D. In
  • E. is a Parent account.
  • F. Fabrika
  • G. In
  • H. is a Parent Customer.
  • I. Fabrikam, In
  • J. is a Child account.

Answer: B

An opportunity to partner with one of your competitors on a large project has come up, but you are unable to select the competitor as a customer on the opportunity.
Which two record types can you assign to the competitor to enable you to se4ect them as a customer? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Lead
  • B. Contact
  • C. Account
  • D. Prospect

Answer: CD

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