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Q31. Which of the following shell redirections will write standard output and standard error output to a file named filename?

A. 2>&1 >filename

B. >filename 2>&1

C. 1>&2>filename

D. >>filename

E. 1&2>filename

Answer: B

Q32. Which of the following commands brings a system running SysV init into a state in which it is safe to perform maintenance tasks? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. shutdown -R 1 now

B. shutdown -single now

C. init 1

D. telinit 1

E. runlevel 1

Answer: C,D

Q33. In the vi editor, how can commands such as moving the cursor or copying lines into the buffer be issued multiple times or applied to multiple rows?

A. By using the command :repeat followed by the number and the command.

B. By specifying the number right in front of a command such as 4l or 2yj.

C. By selecting all affected lines using the shift and cursor keys before applying the command.

D. By issuing acommand such as :set repetition=4 which repeats every subsequent command 4 times.

Answer: B

Q34. Which of the following commands will set the variable text to olaf is home?(Choose two)

A. text=olaf\\ is\\ home

B. text=$olaf is home

C. $text='olaf is home'

D. text=='olaf is home'

E. text="olaf is home"

Answer: A,E

Q35. Which of the following commands lists the dependencies of a given dpkg package?

A. apt-cache depends-on package

B. apt-cache dependencies package

C. apt-cache depends package

D. apt-cache requires package

Answer: C


Which command can be used to investigate the properties for a particular window in X by clicking that window? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer: /usr/bin/xwininfo, xwininfo


What word is missing from the following SQL statement? 

insert into tablename ______ (909, 'text');

(Please specify the missing word using lower-case letters only.)

Answer: VALUES, values

Q38. Which variable defines the directories in which a Bash shell searches for executable commands?






Answer: C

Q39. Which of the following is correct when talking about mountpoints?

A. Every existing directory can be used as a mount point.

B. Only empty directories can be used as a mount point.

C. Directories need to have the SetUID flag set to be used as a mount point.

D. Files within a directory are deleted when the directory is used as a mount point.

Answer: A

Q40. Which of the following characters can be combined with a separator string in order to read from the current input source until the separator string, which is on a separate line and withoutany trailing spaces, is reached?

A. <<

B. <|

C. !<

D. &<

Answer: A