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Which command displays a list of allbackground tasks running in the current shell? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer: jobs

Q132. Which of the following commands changes the ownership of file.txt to the user dan and the group staff?

A. chown dan/staff file.txt

B. chown dan:staff file.txt

C. chown -u dan -g staff file.txt

D. chown dan -g staff file.txt

Answer: B

Q133. Given the following routing table:

How would an outgoing packet to the destination be handled?

A. It would be passed to the default router on wlan0.

B. It would be directly transmitted on the device eth0.

C. It would be passed to the default router on eth0.

D. It would be directly transmitted on the device wlan0.

E. It would be passed to the router on eth0.

Answer: E

Q134. Which of the following are requirements in order to run a shell script like a regular command from anywhere in the filesystem? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A. The user issuing the command must be in the group script.

B. The script file must be found in the $PATH.

C. The script file must have the executable permission bit set.

D. The script must begin with a shebang-line (#!) that points to the correct interpreter.

E. The file system on which the script resides must be mounted with the option scripts.

Answer: B,C,D

Q135. Which of the following commands will help identify a broken router between the local and the remote machine?

A. ps

B. netstat

C. nslookup

D. ifconfig

E. traceroute

Answer: E

Q136. Which of the following is the device file name for the second partition on the only SCSI drive?

A. /dev/hda1

B. /dev/sda2

C. /dev/sd0a2

D. /dev/sd1p2

Answer: B

Q137. What is the purpose of a screen reader?

A. It reads text displayed on the screen to blind or visually impaired people.

B. It reads the parameters of the attached monitors and creates an appropriate X11 configuration.

C. It displays lines and markers to help people use speed reading techniques.

D. It manages and displays files that contain e-books.

Answer: A


What is the name of the main configuration file for GNU GRUB? (Specify the file name only without any path.)

Answer: menu.lst, grub.conf, grub.cfg

Q139. From a Bash shell, which of the following commands directly executes the instruction from the file /usr/local/bin/ without starting a subshell? (Please select TWO answers.)

A. source /usr/local/bin/

B. /usr/local/bin/

C. /bin/bash /usr/local/bin/

D. /usr/local/bin/

E. run /usr/local/bin/

Answer: A,B

Q140. Which of the following commands set the sticky bit for the directory /tmp? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. chmod +s /tmp

B. chmod +t /tmp

C. chmod 1775 /tmp

D. chmod 4775 /tmp

E. chmod 2775 /tmp

Answer: B,C