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Exam Number/Code: HIT-001
Exam name: CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam
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Certification: CompTIA Certification
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2016 May HIT-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q271. You are subscribed to a health care plan that requires you to see certain physicians because they are part of a network that has agreed to provide healthcare services at a discounted rate in exchange for a higher quantity of patients? Which of the following types of health care plans do you subscribe to? 



C. Point of Service 

D. Indemnity Plan 

Answer: A 

Explanation: PPO or Preferred Provider Organization is a network of physicians or healthcare organizations who provide healthcare at a discounted rate in return for higher patient volume. Answer: D is incorrect. Indemnity plan is incorrect as this type of plan allows you to visit any doctor, any hospital and direct your own care. Answer: B is incorrect. HMO is incorrect as this offers healthcare services for a prepaid fixed amount of reimbursement. In an HMO, providers and subscribers voluntarily enroll and the HMO assumes responsibility and financial risks. Answer: C is incorrect. Point of Service (POS) is an agreement where a patient is permitted to choose a provider each time healthcare service is required. 

Q272. If you are working for a contractor or business associate of a hospital and are sent in to work on part of an electronic healthcare record system containing sensitive patient information, what agreement needs to be in place between your employer and the hospital? 

A. A business associate agreement that outlines that your employer must follow all necessary HIPAA regulations with regards to protected health information privacy and security 

B. A waiver of liability 

C. A memorandum of understanding that you and your employer will not access or release patient information 

D. A business associate agreement that states you and your employer will not access or release any patient information 

Answer: A 

Explanation: HIPAA mandates that business associates (and/or contractors and third party vendors) are subject to HIPAA regulations, and the Security Rule mandates that a business associate agreement contract exists whereby the business associate agrees to protect PHI with HIPAA privacy and security standards. Answer: C is incorrect. A memorandum of understanding is not sufficiently legally binding to fulfill HIPAA regulation and protect PHI. Answer: D is incorrect. A business associate agreement must explicitly state that various HIPAA regulations will be followed with respect to protected health information. Answer: B is incorrect. A waiver of liability is not an appropriate legal document for this kind of situation. 

Q273. Which of the following actions refers to scanning, indexing and performing quality control on paper documents that are entered into a computerized system? 

A. Device Capture 

B. Document Archiving 

C. Clinical Imaging 

D. Document Imaging 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Document imaging involves prepping, scanning, indexing and performing quality control on paper documents that are entered into a computerized system. Answer: A is incorrect. Device capture is the act of transmitting medical information directly from a medical device such as electrocardiogram. Answer: C is incorrect. Clinical imaging refers to medical information that is obtained by the use of photographs or other medical imaging devices that need to be a part of the patient's permanent medical record. Answer: B is incorrect. Document archiving is the act of ensuring the documents of a patient's medical record are sufficiently stored for the appropriate length of time in a private location. 


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Q274. Which of the following refers to the group of health care subject matter experts and information scientists who create the standards for exchange, management and integration of electronic health records? 


B. Health Level 7 



Answer: B 

Explanation: Health Level 7 (HL7) is an international community of healthcare subject matter experts and information scientists collaborating to create standards for the exchange, management and integration of electronic healthcare information. HL7 promotes the use of such informatics standards within and among healthcare organizations to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare information delivery for the benefit of all. Answer: D is incorrect. HIPPA is incorrect as this is the legislation designed to insure the privacy and security of personal health information. 

Q275. In addition to conducting a risk assessment, HIPAA requires that you put together policies about your risk assessment procedures. As the privacy officer in the dermatology practice, what types of issues might you address in your risk assessment policies? A. What procedures to follow once a risk has been identified 

B. What areas a risk assessment would review 

C. How frequently a risk assessment should occur 

D. All of the above 

Answer: D 

Explanation: All of the above. CMS in a publication designed to help CE's (covered entities) comply with HIPAA's Security rule strongly suggests that a best practice is to develop policies that address all three of these areas. a)the frequency of assessments (annually, quarterly, etc.) b)the areas that such assessments need to review (e.g. computer systems, staff trainings, administrative management, etc.) c)procedures to follow once a risk has been identified (e.g. documentation, recommendations, fixing the issue, creating a policy or procedure to prevent risk in the future) Answer: C, B, and A are incorrect. Correct, but not enough. 

Q276. An 80 year old man is dissatisfied with several aspects of his hospital stay, which of the following pieces of legislation allows him to file a formal complaint? 

A. Patient Bill of Rights 




Answer: A 

Explanation: Patient Bill of Rights requires health care providers inform all patients of their rights as patients receiving medical treatment. There are eight rights every patient has as a recipient of medical care and one of those rights is the ability to file a complaint against the health plan, physician, hospitals and other health care personnel. Answer: B is incorrect. MIPPA is as this as this legislation is designed used to adjust Medicare reimbursement to certain facilities. Answer: D is incorrect. EMTALA is as this legislation legally obligates health care facilities to provide emergent care regardless of citizenship, legal status or ability to pay Answer: C is incorrect. HIPPA is as this legislation is designed to insure the privacy and security of personal health information. 

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Exact ucertify comptia hit-001:

Q277. A visiting IT professional is at an OBGYN practice and has been granted access to the computer system, but not the practice's paper records it's previous system of charting for patients. It's after standard work hours the IT professional is working late. He knows an ex-girlfriend used to be a patient at the practice and decides he wants to see her charts, since he can't find her in the computer. What simple Physical Safeguard would help fulfill HIPAA by protecting against the IT professional from accessing the practice's PHI? 

A. The paper records are in locked the mobile charting cabinets in the check-in area. 

B. The paper records are color coded. 

C. The paper records are locked in storage room. 

D. The paper records are kept in a series of drawers only known to the Privacy Officer. 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Under HIPAA, records must be in secure, locked storage when not in use. Option A is incorrect, because although the charts are locked, they are not secure. The cabinets could be moved out of the practice potentially, allowing for criminal break-in's off the premises. They must be secure and locked under HIPAA's rule. Option D is not a requirement of HIPAA and the records in this situation are neither locked nor secure. A determined person could find these drawers. Option B is incorrect. Color-coding usually has much more to do with the types of patients, but provides no protection against PHI theft. 

Q278. In medical terminology, the suffix -itis is used to describe which of the following conditions? 

A. Study of 

B. Inflammation 

C. Opening 

D. Disease 

Answer: B 

Explanation: In medical terminology, any word that ends with the suffix -itis refers to an inflammatory condition. Examples are arthritis means inflammation of a joint, laryngitis means inflammation of the larynx, and gastritis means inflammation of the stomach or stomach lining. Answer: D is incorrect. Disease is incorrect as any condition that refers to a disease process is accompanied by the suffix -osis, example diverticulosis is as disease of the diverticulum. Answer: C is incorrect. Opening is incorrect as any medical condition that refers to opening ends with the suffix -otomy, example thoracotomy means an opening was made in the thorax. Answer: A is incorrect. Study of is incorrect as any term referring to the stdy of anything end with the suffix -ology, example Radiology is the study of radiation, cardiology is the study of the heart. 

Q279. You are asked to design a database according to the following schematic. Which of the following database models are you designing? 

A. Hierarchal Model 

B. Object Oriented Model 

C. Enterprise Model 

D. Network Model 

Answer: A 

Explanation: The hierarchal database model uses the format of a typical parent-child arrangement, whereas, one piece of information can have many subordinated pieces? Answer: D is incorrect. Network model is incorrect as this model is designed to allow the child to have more than one parent. This model is often referred to as the many to many model. Answer: B is incorrect. Object oriented model is incorrect as this model is essentially a collection of objects, related by encapsulation (an object such as a patient has certain characteristics) or inheritance (an object such as a resident inherits characteristics from a physician object). There is no primary key in this model. Answer: C is incorrect. Enterprise model is meant as a distractor, the enterprise database model does not exist. 

Q280. For what period of time do all primary dental records be retained? 

A. 4 years 

B. 6 years 

C. 30 years 

D. 10 years 

Answer: A 

Explanation: All primary dental records must be retained for a period of at least 4 years from the date of the patient's last episode of care. Answer: B is incorrect. 6 years is incorrect as this is the amount of time in which all materials containing HIPAA information must be kept. Answer: D is incorrect. 10 years is incorrect as this is the amount of time all primary medical records must be retained. Answer: C is incorrect. 30 years is incorrect as no medical information is required to be retained for 30 years. 

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