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Exam Number/Code: HH0-260
Exam name: Hitachi Data Systems Certified Implementer File Services
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Hitachi Certification
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Q1. You customer wants to collect statistics about each namespace using the tenant management console. Which two types of chargeback reports can be created? (Choose two.) 

A. hourly report 

B. monthly report 

C. daily report 

D. weekly report 

Answer: A,C 

Q2. A customer performed a search for an object that was recently added into the archive tenant being searched. The object was not listed within the search results returned by the HCP search engine. Why did this happen? 

A. The DPL2 volume had not yet been mounted to the search node(s) for access. 

B. There was not sufficient time allowed for indexing the most recent data added to the archive. 

C. The attribute for the new data's namespace was set to "hidden". 

D. The customer had not yet enabled DPL level two or above for the namespaces in this tenant. 


Q3. How should the RAID group(s) and logical volume(s) be configured on a HCP 300 node? 

A. three RAID groups each with three logical volumes 

B. three RAID groups each with a single logical volume 

C. a single RAID group with a single logical volume 

D. a single RAID group with three logical volumes 


Q4. A 4-Node HCP with 40 users is being managed using the single administrator function. Two new users, each from a different department, need to access data in two HCP tenants named: Financials Payable and Financials Receivable. Which action should the administrator perform to make this happen? 

A. Create two new user accounts with security permissions. 

B. Create default accounts named Financials Payable and Financials Receivable for each user. 

C. Create a data access account for each user. 

D. Create two system administration accounts. 

Answer: C

Q5. You are configuring a HCP 500 solution with AMS 2100 storage. You choose to configure the storage devices first in the list of tasks associated with this process. What is the reason for sequencing the tasks in this way? 

A. The HCP software must first be installed on the AMS 2100 for access. 

B. Formatting the storage containers will take a considerable amount of time. 

C. You must have the data LUNs established before you can install the core OS. 

D. The HCP command LUN must be established on the AMS 2100. 


Q6. You are establishing a replication link between two HCP platforms. You set the performance level as part of the configuration options. What does this setting indicate? 

A. the server priority rate for nodes associated with that replication link 

B. the amount of bandwidth made available for replication on the link 

C. the number of concurrent replication operations that can occur on each node 

D. the data transfer rate associated with each tenant namespace 


Q7. Which two statements are true about the HCP back-end network? (Choose two.) 

A. All nodes in a HCP system must be on the same system-specific private back-end IP subnet. 

B. All nodes in a HCP system must be split across a dual-redundant private back-end IP subnet. 

C. The fourth octet of the back-end IP addresses should not be changed after it has been configured. 

D. The fourth octet of the back-end IP addresses must match the fourth octets used in the front- end IP addresses. 

Answer: A,C 

Q8. Which node architecture is used by the HCP 500? 






Q9. A customer will be using multiple namespaces in their HCP implementation. They want to use a single common protocol to access all namespaces. Which protocol would you enable to support this? 


B. WebDAV 




Q10. Which username/password pair do you use to log into the HCP System Management Console for the first time? 

A. admin/hds 

B. security/Chang3Me! 

C. hcpadmin/hcpadmin 

D. root/hitach11