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Exam Number/Code: H12-211
Exam name: Huawei Certified Datacom Associate-Huawei Networking Technology and Device (HCDA-HNTD)
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Certification: HUAWEI Certification
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Q321.  (Topic 3) 

When the interface runs in the RIPv2 broadcast mode, it can receive a packet 

A. RIPv 1 broadcast packets 

B. RIPv 1 multicast 

C. RIPv 2 broadcast packets 

D. RIPv 2 multicast 

Answer: A,C 

Q322.  (Topic 4) 

Frame Relay frame under which the field does not contain 






Answer: C,E 

Q323.  (Topic 1) 

: 187 

IP address is the only public address, and () can be reused in the LAN. 

A. Host Address 

B. Private Address 

C. Network Address 

D. subnet address 


Q324.  (Topic 3) 

About the advantages of the following statements is correct VLAN is (). 

A. VLAN on the switch by reducing the required number of physical ports to reduce network overhead 

B. VLAN by identifying the right to access to sensitive user data and applications to enhance network security 

C. VLAN and flow control by adjusting the window size to improve network performance 

D. VLAN network into smaller logical networks, which reduces the sensitivity of the network for broadcast storm 

Answer: B,D 

Q325.  (Topic 2) 

In Windows XP system in order to release the current through DHCP IP, use the command 

A. ipconfig / all 

B. ipconfig / renew 

C. ipconfig / release 

D. ipconfig 


Q326.  (Topic 4) 

Known to a router's routing table entry has the following two 

Destination / Mast Protocol Pre Cost Nexthop Interface / 8 OSPF 10 50 Serial0 RIP 100 5 Ethernet0 

If the destination address of the router to forward packets to, the following statements is correct is 

A. Select the first match, because the high priority OSPF protocol 

B. Choose the second match, because the cost of the value of the RIP protocol small 

C. Select the second match, because exports are Ethternet0, faster than the Serial0 

D. Select the second match, because the routing entry for the destination address, it is more accurate match 


Q327.  (Topic 4) 

OSPF protocol on the routing calculation process, the following is the correct order 


Each router topology according to their generation around the LSA 


The collection of all the LSA route calculation to generate the minimum spanning tree 



send the LSA to all other routers in the network, while collecting all of the other router LSA generated 


generate link state database LSDB 










Q328.  (Topic 1) 

: 89 

ADSL data transmission for the uplink in the band is 

A. 26 KHZ ~ 138 KHZ 

B. 26 KHZ ~ 69 KHZ 

C. 26 KHZ ~ 1104 KHZ 

D. 26 KHZ ~ 256 KHZ 


Q329.  (Topic 3) 

In the S series switch, VLAN which can use the undo command to delete 

A. vlan 1 

B. vlan 2 

C. vlan 1024 

D. vlan 4094 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q330.  (Topic 4) 

Route from the ring may be the cause 

A. routing convergence process of the temporary loop 

B. routing algorithm defects 

C. In a different routing domain into another routing loop to prevent loss of information 

D. Configure error 

Answer: A,B,C,D