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Q21. A company has been utilizing expatriates from headquarters to fill skill gaps internationally. However, the international assignees have been having problems building trust locally. In addition, the costs to maintain these assignments have been exorbitant. Given the current circumstances, which of the following resource groups may be a better alternative to staffing for future or to fill the international assignment positions in the long term? 

A. Local nationals 

B. Expatriates 

C. Inpatriates 

D. Third country nationals 

Answer: A

Q22. Which of the following is NOT a significant benefit for employers to clearly communicate the direct and indirect compensation strategy to their employees? 

A. Better understanding of equity in structure 

B. Minimize confusion over issues such as vacation policy 

C. Clear understanding of compensation and performance through performance appraisals 

D. Understanding the amount of money employers pay to maintain health care benefits 

Answer: B

Q23. Which of the following is NOT a potential reason for a company’s decision to fill a position through an international assignment? 

A. Assist in creating alignment with headquarters’ goals and objectives 

B. Assist in developing a consistent culture across the corporation 

C. Specific person is the most qualified candidate for the job 

D. Lack of core skill sets for the position available in the area 

Answer: C

Q24. A company has decided to terminate the employment of an executive for performance reasons. The HP Manager to create a severance package. Which of the following factors would NOT be considered when creating the final severance package? 

A. Severity of his lock of performance 

B. Length of service at company 

C. Total compensation in relation to severance package 

D. Notice pay protection laws 

Answer: A

Q25. You are in the process of evaluating the current global compensation structure, which is based on headquarters biases. One of the remote offices has a very unique culture, Because their culture is diffuse often combining family, life, and work together, is universalistic, and focuses on the collective group. 

On the other hand, the other locations, including headquarters, have a culture that is particularistic, individualistic, and specifically divides work and family. Which of the following aaspects of the current structure might be affecting the unique location by the lack of adaptation to local pressurea? 

A. Defined goals are clear, relevant, and ensure line of sight 

B. Company has adopted an aggressive sales commission plan for each salesperson 

C. Company has adopted a gainsharing plan 

D. Every employment offer is deltailed in writing 

Answer: B

Q26. Which of the following is NOT a variable that differs between replacement planning and succession planning? 

A. Identified skill requirements 

B. Tools utilized 

C. Information flow 

D. Outlook into future (in terms of time) 

Answer: B

Q27. Which of the following is NOT a step in the Strategy Implementation stage of Strategic Planning? 

A. Short-term organizational objectives are established 

B. Actions plans are developed 

C. Resource allocation 

D. Long-term objectives are established and strategies defined 

Answer: D

Q28. Which of the following measures the level of learning achieved by the participants of a training program? 

A. 360-degree feedback process 

B. Performance tests 

C. Performance appraisals 

D. Pre-/post measures 

Answer: D

Q29. A good MBO (management by objectives) shares all of the following aspects EXCEPT: 

A. Periodic feedback about objectives 

B. Goals which align with corporate level goals and strategies 

C. Goals are established by the supervisor/manager 

D. Goals which are measurable 

Answer: C

Q30. Which of the following processes attempts to determine the relative worth of jobs within an organization? 

A. Job design 

B. Job evaluation 

C. Job analysis 

D. Comparable worth 

Answer: B