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Exam Number/Code: FM0-308
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Examcollection offers free demo for FM0-308 exam. "Developer Essentials for FileMaker 13", also known as FM0-308 exam, is a FileMaker Certification. This set of posts, Passing the FileMaker FM0-308 exam, will help you answer those questions. The FM0-308 Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real FileMaker FM0-308 exams and revised by experts!

Q1. Which statement is true about enabling database encryption in FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced? 

A. Database encryption will secure network traffic when using peer-to-peer sharing. 

B. External container data will automatically be set to use Secure Storage when encrypting the database. 

C. To prevent repeated encryption password entry, two unhosted files must have both the same encryption password and Shared ID. 

D. If an encrypted file is hosted on FileMaker Server 13, every user who opens the file will be required to enter the encryption password. 


Q2. Given Table A in File A, which condition allows a user to access data from Table A while using another file called File B? 

A. File A and File B must have an account with the same name and password. 

B. File A must have authorized File B in the File Access tab of Manage Security. 

C. The privilege set associated with the account that is logged into File A must allow access to the records in Table A. 

D. The privilege set associated with the account that is logged into File B must allow access to the records in Table A. 


Q3. Which three field options may be set for a shadow field from an External ODBC Data Source? (Choose three.) 

A. Validation: unique value B. Validation: existing value C. Auto-enter: creation date D. Storage: Minimal Indexing 

E. Validation: validated by calculation 

F. Auto-enter: serial number, on commit 

Answer: C,E,F 

Q4. A layout contains a single portal that is based on a relationship configured to allow creation of related records. The portal contains one field (FieldA), which is not used anywhere else on the layout. The portal object has the name Portal_1. 

Which technique can be used to navigate to FieldA in the empty row at the end of Portal_1? 

A. Use the Go To Field script step targeting FieldA, then use the Go To Portal Row [Last] script step. 

B. Assuming FieldA is in the tab order, use the arrow keys to activate the portal, then tab to FieldA in the desired row. 

C. Use the Go to Object [Object Name: “portal_1” script step, followed by the script step Go to Portal Row [Select; Last]. 

D. Use the Go To Portal [Portal 1] script step, followed by the Go To Portal Row [Last] script step and the Go To Field script step targeting FieldA. 


Q5. The following formula in a calculation field returns a Text result: 

Let( tmp = “2 * 5“ Evaluate( Quote ( tmp ) ) ) 

What value will be returned? 

A. 10 

B. 2*5 

C. “10”, quotes included 

D. “2 * 5”, quotes included 


Q6. Which are two valid choices for directly importing records into a FileMaker Pro 13 file? (Choose two.) 

A. vCard 

B. HTML Table 

C. XML Data Source D. JDBC Data Source E. ODBC Data Source 

Answer: C,E 

Q7. Which two statements are true about the [Full Access] privilege set in a FileMaker 13 solution? (Choose two.) 

A. It is the only privilege set that can use Custom Functions. 

B. It is the only privilege set that can view the Relationships Graph. 

C. It can be deleted only if another full access privilege set has been created. 

D. It is the only privilege set that can modify field options using the Field Picker 

Answer: B,D 

Q8. Given a FileMaker Pro 13 solution with the following characteristics: 


-Containsan active [Full Access] account named dev1with the password p0werU$er 

-Containsa script named ListClients 

-Ishosted from a server with theIP address 

-Ishosted from a server with a DNS name 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Which statement is true when entering a URL into a web browser on a client machine connected to the same local area network’? 


Q9. A solution hosted on FileMaker Server 13 contains a text field called ColorChoice that uses global storage. User A and User B are using the file. User A runs a script that changes the value in the ColorChoice field. User A logs off and User B continues working. User B runs a script that modifies the ColorChoice field after User A has logged off. 

If there is no other activity in the database, when User A logs back in, which value will User A see in the ColorChoice field? 

A. No value: the field will be empty. 

B. The last value that User A’s script entered into the field. 

C. The last value that User B’s script entered into the field. 

D. The last value that was saved while the file was opened locally. 


Q10. A solution has a Customer table and an Order table. On a layout based on the Customer table there is a portal showing related orders for the current calendar year. The portal does not include a filter formula. There is a calculation field in the Customer table. zSumOrders, that adds up the total amount of all the customer's orders for the year. zSumOrders is included on the layout. 

Assuming no changes to the data, what may cause the displayed value of zSumOrders on a customer record to change? 

A. In Layout Mode, move the zSumOrders field into the Orders portal row 

B. Add one or more sort criteria to the relationship on which the Orders portal is based 

C. Add a portal filter using Filter Portal Records so only unpaid orders will be displayed 

D. Change the criteria of the portal's relationship to further limit the set of records displayed in the Orders portal