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Exam Number/Code: DEV-401
Exam name: Building Applications with and Visualforce
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Certification: Salesforce Certification
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Q21. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 4) 

How to find out if SFDC environment uses packages? 

Answer: Go to Setup > Create > Packages 

Q22. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 1) 

What are Apex Sharing reasons? 

Answer: Can be created declaratively but are used by developers to define reasons for access. Apex sharing reasons can be also selected when manually sharing a record. Exist only for custom objects. 

Q23. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 1) 

When is Manual Sharing used? 

Answer: When a user needs access to an Individual record, a user will full access to the records can add manual sharing to a record. 

Q24. - (Topic 1) 

If a user needs to give access to just one record, which feature should they use? 

A. Roles 

B. Role Hierarchy 

C. Profile Setting 

D. Manual Sharing 


Q25. - (Topic 2) 

Records can enter a step in an approval process based on 

A. Based on criteria 

B. If 'All records enter this step' checkbox is checked, then all records which have entered this approval process, would enter this step of the approval process 

C. Only A is valid 

D. Only B is valid 

E. Both A and B are valid. 


Q26. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 2) 

When can system fields data such as created by and created date be given customized values? 

Answer: ONLY on initial data upload to Salesforce and ONLY when this feature has been enabled by Customer Support 

Q27. - (Topic 4) 

Among two records related by master – detail relationship, the detail record can have an owner which is different from the owner of the master record. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q28. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 1) 

Building your Data Model What are the 2 types of objects? 

Answer: 1. Standard objects 

2. Custom objects 

Q29. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 2) 

What is order of evaluation for record viewing? 

Answer: At profile level Read All or Modify All, Owner of record, Organization Wide Default, Role hierarchy, Sharing rules 

Q30. - (Topic 2) 

A standard field can be marked as external id field. 

A. True 

B. False