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Product Description:
Exam Number/Code: DEV-401
Exam name: Building Applications with Force.com and Visualforce
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Salesforce Certification
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Q181. - (Topic 1) 

The only way to test whether a time-dependent workflow rule is executing as expected is to wait. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q182. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 2) 

What attribute of the component can be used to hide the related lists 

Answer: Related List 

Q183. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 2) 

Many-to-many relationship is created using? 

Answer: Two master-detail relationships 

Q184. - (Topic 1) 

You cannot relate records from the same object via an relationship field. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q185. - (Topic 1) 

What are the permissions that allow a system administrator to manage an application? (select all that apply) 

A. View All Data 

B. Read 

C. Create 

D. Modify All Data 

E. Edit All Data 


Q186. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 4) 

How many permission sets can you have in an organization? 

Answer: One thousand 

Q187. - (Topic 1) 

In a multistep process, when do you decide the decision criteria and approval assignment? 

A. Creating initial submission actions 

B. Defining recall actions 

C. Deciding step definition 

D. Setting final approval actions 


Q188. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 3) 

What is the use of Data Categories? 

Answer: objects. It means none of the fields are tracked for any of the objects. Any changes to records owned by a user are automatically followed on Chatter. To disable this feature, go to Setup -> My Chatter Settings -> My Feeds and check the checkbox for 'Stop automatically 

Q189. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 3) 

A sharing rule has been deleted. But users can still see the records shared by that sharing rule. The system does not seem to be acknowledging that the sharing rule has been 

deleted. What should be d one to overcome this issue? 

Answer: In order to make sure that sharing rules are calculated and acknowledged as they should be, recalculate the rules. Recalculate sharing rules by: a. Navigate to Setup| Security Controls| Sharing Settings b. Under the object where the sharing rule was created or deleted, click on 'Recalculate'. This will reset the record permissions for the object. 

Q190. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 1) 

What is the maximum allowed master-detail relationships per object?