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Exam Number/Code: CD0-001
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2016 Jun CD0-001 rapidshare

Q41. The customer requires that the database be accessible by third party reporting tools. Which option BEST allows the database to comply with this requirement? 

A. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant 

B. Full text search capabilities 

C. Availability of user views 

D. FTP accessible 

Answer: A 


Q42. In a Request For Proposal (RFP) for an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution, the customer is requiring a total cost for all goods and services. This model is known as: 

A. fixed price. 

B. time and materials. 

C. time and materials with travel expenses. 

D. mixed mode pricing. 

Answer: A 


Q43. During the implementation phase of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) project, the Project Manager discovers that the storage system will not arrive by its targeted installation date. What is the next step? 

A. Change the project Gantt chart to reflect the new expected date 

B. Proceed as normal because the project schedule will resolve itself 

C. Create a project change request and submit it to the project committee 

D. Order a storage system from another vendor 

Answer: C 


Q44. An organization currently microfilms all source documents. While filming, the source document is unavailable for a minimum of three days. A document imaging system has been proposed where documents will now be scanned. What is the best advantage of the proposed system? 

A. Scanned images are higher quality. 

B. Scanners are more reliable than cameras. 

C. Microfilm can be created from the scanned documents. 

D. Documents are available immediately. 

Answer: D 


Q45. A customer has decided to use a Multi-functional Device (MFD) to scan to their file server via FTP. Each department will have its own folder to scan to. What integration details should be documented? 

A. Server OS, FTP server type, and hard disk array type 

B. Back up system used, server OS, and client PC type 

C. Resolution, file type, and FTP server folder hierarchy 

D. FTP server system used, protocol used, and document color space 

Answer: C 



Regenerate livelessons - comptia cloud cv0-001:

Q46. An accounting firm stores electronic images of its clients tax returns in the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). The company should be MOST concerned with: 

A. network bandwidth. 

B. network security. 

C. document format. 

D. application integration. 

Answer: B 


Q47. A proposed scanner uses TIFF Group 4 compression. What will be the average size of a black and white A4 sized (8.5 inches x 11 inches or 216 mm x 279 mm) document at 600 dpi (24 dots per mm)? 

A. 50 K bytes 

B. 180 K bytes 

C. 210 K bytes 

D. 380 K bytes 

Answer: C 


Q48. In order to create a document management solution, what would be the BEST information to capture in an initial meeting? 

A. Current organizational processes 

B. Organizations sales figures 

C. Companys organizational chart 

D. Network topography map 

Answer: A 


Q49. A client wants to capture images of documents in a warehouse at the point of shipping. The application must facilitate the scanning of the documents in a completely automated manner (hands-free after placing images on scanner). Which of the following technologies should be employed to facilitate this? 

A. OCR, ADF, and XML 

B. Barcodes, ADF, and DDE 

C. Screen Scraping, XML, and Barcodes 

D. Scanner Polling (API), Barcodes, and ADF 

Answer: D 


Q50. While reviewing a projects proposed timeline, it is found that the Document Management System (DMS) rollout schedule is unrealistic. A discussion should be held FIRST with the: 

A. Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

B. project sponsor. 

C. end-users. 

D. system storage managers. 

Answer: B 


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