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Q161. - (Topic 1) 

You need to identify assumptions as part of the assessment of capability gaps. Which of the following is an example of an assumption? 

A. The project manager believes that her project team members can program in COBOL. 

B. All vendors must have security clearance. 

C. The software must be compatible with the current operating system. 

D. The risk in the project must be quantified. 


Q162. - (Topic 1) 

Henry is the business analyst for the UUH Organization. Currently Henry is working on several work products as part of the requirements development process. He may need to share these work products with the stakeholders. Which of the following is not an example of a work product? 

A. Requirements documentation 

B. Interview questions and notes 

C. Meeting agendas and minutes 

D. Presentation slides 


Q163. - (Topic 1) 

You are working with Terry on the conduct stakeholder analysis task as part of the business analysis duties in your company. Terry wants to know why it's so important to identify stakeholders so early in the business analysis duties. Which one of the following statements best addresses the need to identify the stakeholders early on in the business analysis duties? 

A. It's important to identify the stakeholders so the business analyst knows who to report to. 

B. It's important to identify the stakeholders so the business analyst knows who to bill for the project. 

C. It's important to identify the stakeholder so the business analyst can help ensure the timely delivery of the requirements deliverables. 

D. It's important to identify the stakeholders so the stakeholders know who the business analyst is. 


Q164. - (Topic 3) 

You are currently working on creating the activity list for an initiative in your organization. What characteristic must be assigned to each task in your task list? 

A. Risk level 

B. Unique number 

C. Procurement needs 

D. Roles and responsibilities 


Q165. - (Topic 1) 

You and Tom are writing the solution scope for a new project in your organization. You need to create a method to define what solution will and will not provide for the organization. What technique can you and Tom use to establish appropriate boundaries for the solution? 

A. Interviews with the key stakeholders 

B. User stories 

C. Functional decomposition 

D. Scope modeling 


Q166. - (Topic 3) 

Which of the following is concerned with determining whether the information used for risk analysis is probable, of high class, or accurate?

A. Risk Urgency Assessment 

B. Risk Probability and Impact Assessment

C. Risk Categorization

D. Risk Data Quality Assessment

Answer: D

Q167. - (Topic 1) 

Ned is the business analyst for the NHQ Company. He is working with Stan on completing therequirements prioritization of all the identified requirements. Why would Stan and Ned complete requirements prioritization? 

A. To determine which requirements should be completed first 

B. To determine which requirements should not be completed at all 

C. To determine which requirements carry the most risk 

D. To determine who created what requirement based on their position in the organization 


Q168. - (Topic 2) 

You are the business analyst for your organization. Management has asked you to create a plan that will define the proposed structure and schedule for communicating the business analysis activities to the appropriate stakeholders. What plan does management want you to create? 

A. Business Analysis Plan 

B. Business Analysis Communications Plan 

C. Communications management plan 

D. Stakeholder Management Plan 

Answer: B

Q169. - (Topic 3) 

Which of the following can be an effective tool during quality control to help determine the how the problem occurred? 

A. Rework 

B. Trend Analysis 

C. Flowcharting 

D. Pareto Diagram 


Q170. - (Topic 2) 

What requirements elicitation technique examines the available information, documentation, records, and history of a solution, organization, or cause to identify relevant information to the current business analysis duties? 

A. Benchmarking 

B. Dataflow diagrams 

C. Document analysis 

D. Requirements elicitation