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Exam Number/Code: C90-02A
Exam name: Cloud Technology Concepts
n questions with full explanations
Certification: SOA Certified Professional Certification
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Q41. Which of the following cloud computing mechanisms are directly associated with the realization of the measured usage cloud characteristic? Select the correct answer.

A. automated scaling listener

B. pay-for-use monitor

C. resource replication

D. state management database

Answer: B

Q42. A virtual server is being attacked by a malicious cloud service consumer that is generating increased usage loads upon the underlying physical server. As a result, other virtual servers being hosted by the physical server are becoming unavailable to other cloud service consumers. This kind of attack is known as: __________ . Select the correct answer.

A. denial of service

B. overlapping trust boundary

C. insufficient authorization

D. buffer overrun

Answer: A

Q43. __________ represents the ability of a cloud platform to keep track of the usage of its IT resources by cloud consumers, and is therefore directly related to the __________ mechanism. Select the correct answer.

A. Replicated usage, cloud monitor

B. Measured usage, pay-for-use monitor

C. Agent usage, on-premise monitor

D. None of the above.

Answer: B

Q44. Which of the following security mechanisms enables one cloud service consumer to be authenticated by a security broker, so that its security context is persisted when accessing other cloud services? Select the correct answer.

A. digital certificates

B. certificate authority

C. single sign-on

D. None of the above.

Answer: C

Q45. Cloud balancing cannot be achieved by redundantly deploying IT resources in advance. Redundant instances of IT resources must be dynamically generated on-demand, at runtime. Select the correct answer.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Q46. A ________ is a mechanism used to temporarily persist certain types of data as an alternative to caching the data in memory. Select the correct answer.

A. resource replicator

B. state management database

C. failover system

D. multi-device broker

Answer: B

Q47. The single sign-on security mechanism helps mitigate which of the following threats? Select the correct answer.

A. malicious intermediary

B. denial of service

C. virtualization attack

D. None of the above.

Answer: D

Q48. REST services share a uniform contract and therefore cannot be deployed in cloud environments without a multi-device broker mechanism. Select the correct answer.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Q49. The cloud service consumer sends its authentication __________ to the security broker. After successful authentication, the security broker responds with an authentication _______ with which the cloud service consumer can access other cloud services. This describes how the ________ security mechanism works. Select the correct answer.

A. token, acknowledgement certificate, certificate authority

B. credentials, token, single sign-on

C. certificate, message, certificate authority

D. certificate, key, single sign-on

Answer: B

Q50. Which of the following are classified as access-oriented threats? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY

A. denial of service

B. malicious intermediary

C. overlapping trust boundary

D. virtualization attack

Answer: A,C,D