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Exam Number/Code: AX0-100
Exam name: Axis Network Video Exam
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Certification: Axis Certification
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Match the best choice of camera to each scenario described. Drag each gray box from the left column to the matching blue box in the right column. 


Q62. When dealing with a poorly lit scene, which of the following options would most improve image quality? 

A. Adding light 

B. Adjusting exposure settings 

C. Adjusting brightness 

D. Changing camera placement 


Q63. A Privacy mask added to Live View (Choose two) 

A. Hides parts of the scene. 

B. Restricts access to the camera. 

C. Can be removed from recorded video. 

D. Lowers the bandwidth usage. 

E. Can be made into any shape. 

Answer: AD 

Q64. Video motion detection (VMD) in a PTZ camera 

A. Is not possible since the camera will activate the VMD every time it is moving. 

B. Can be used but only when the camera is used as a stationary camera. 

C. Can be used since the camera is aborting the VMD during movement. 

D. Is no different compared to a fix camera, since the Axis chip can detect in three dimensions. 


Q65. Using AXIS Camera Management, which of the following can be performed? (Choose two) 

A. Apply templates to devices 

B. View recorded video 

C. Upgrade firmware 

D. Set motion detection windows 

E. Configure crossline detection 

Answer: AC 

Q66. Which statement is true regarding H.264 and Motion JPEG? 

A. The highest bandwidth savings using H.264 compared to Motion JPEG is at high frame rates 

B. Bandwidth savings using H.264 has nothing to do with frame rate, only scene complexity 

C. Bandwidth savings using H.264 has nothing to do with frame rate, only Group of Video (GOV) setting 

D. The highest bandwidth savings using H.264 compared to Motion JPEG is at low frame rates 


Q67. An installer wants to be sure that the AXIS P3347 always delivers full frame rate (30 fps) even in darker conditions. Which of the following options should be used? 

A. Set priority to frame rate 

B. Set maximum shutter time to 1/30 s 

C. Set the capture mode to 3 megapixel 

D. Set the Group of Video (GOV) length to 30 


Q68. How can using PoE to power cameras help keep them running during a power outage? 

A. PoE cameras use less cabling, allowing backup power supplies to last longer 

B. PoE cameras are centrally powered from the Ethernet switches which are backed up by uninterrupted power supply (UPS) 

C. The PoE standard requires connected devices to include backup batteries, to allow for network dropouts 

D. Since PoE cameras are centrally powered by the server, you will only need to add backup power to the server to keep the system running 


Q69. AXIS Design Tool is used for 

A. Estimating bandwidth and creating a bill of materials. 

B. Determining camera coverage and creating a bill of materials. 

C. Selecting the right cameras and choosing AXIS Camera Station licenses. 

D. Plan network topology and determining camera coverage. 


Q70. Which is an advantage of the H.264 compression standard? 

A. Bandwidth and storage usage is independent of the amount of motion in the video 

B. Compared to Motion JPEG. H.264 video reduces the CPU load when viewing the video 

C. In most situations, compared to Motion JPEG. H.264 video reduces bandwidth and storage usage 

D. The intra-frame coding makes the video less sensitive to network dropouts