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Exam Number/Code: AND-401
Exam name: Android Application Development
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Certification: Android Certification
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Q21. Which of the following is a valid sequence of invokes to Activity lifecycle methods? (Choose two) 

A. onCreate > onStart > onResume > onPause> onStop> onCreate 

B. onCreate > onStart > onResume > onPause> onStop>onRestart 

C. onCreate > onStart > onResume > onPause> onStop>onDestroy 

D. onCreate > onStart > onResume > onPause> onStop>onResume 

Answer: B,C 

Q22. Which of the following is NOT a correct constructer for ArrayAdapter? 

A. ArrayAdapter(Context context) 

B. ArrayAdapter (Context context, int recourse) 

C. ArayAdpater (Context context , int resource, int textViewResourceId) 

D. ArrayAdapter (Context context , int resource, List<T> items) 


Q23. Which of the following is NOT true about onMeasure() method of class View? 

A. It measures the view and its contents to determine the measured width and height. 

B. It is invoked by measure(). 

C. The When overriding this method, a developer must call setMeasuredDimension(). 

D. It takes three parameters: the height, width, and the depth of the view. 


Q24. Which method should you use to start a sub-activity? 

A. startActivity(Intent intent) 

B. startActivityForResult(Intent intent) 

C. startService(Intent intent) 

D. startSubActivity(Intent intent) 


Q25. Which of the following is NOT true about method getWindow() of class Dialog do? 

A. It retrieves the current window for the activity. 

B. It can be used to access parts of the Windows API. 

C. It displays the dialog on the screen. 

D. It returns null if the activity is not visual. 


Q26. Which of the following classes is used by Intent to transfer data between different android components? 

A. Extras 

B. Bundle 

C. Parcelable 

D. PendingIntent 


Q27. An AsyncTask can be cancelled anytime from any thread. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q28. How to enable JavaScript in WebView? 

A. myWebView.setJavaScriptEnabled(true); 

B. myWebView.getJavaScriptSettings.setEnabled(true); 

C. myWebView.getSettings().setJavaScriptEnabled(true); 

D. Java script is always enabled in WebView 


Q29. What is not true about the AndroidManifest.xml file? 

A. It declares the views used within the application. 

B. It declares user permissions the application requires. 

C. It declares application components. 

D. It declares hardware and software features used within the application. 


Q30. What are the main two types of thread in Android? 

A. Main thread and worker threads. 

B. Main thread and UI thread. 

C. Activities and services. 

D. Main thread and background process.