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Q1. An age-based policy is set up on the ARX that retains only data modified in the Iast 3 months on tier 1 storageand moves the rest of the data to secondary storage. What happens when the end user tries to access datathat has not been touched in 6 months? 

A. The end user is unaware that the data has been moved to secondary tier storage and is able to access thedata without difficulty 

B. The networking mapping window appears, allowing the end user to re-establish direct access to the dataeven though it has been moved to secondary storage 

C. An error message appears saying "File is no longer unavailable." 

D. A message appears explaining that the file has been archived, and a link to the new secondary storage tierlocation is provided 


Q2. What happens when the data center that GTM recommends for a client isunavailable? 

A. GTM uses cached information to determine an alternate route 

B. GTM queries the local DNS server 

C. GTM sends subsequent queries to the next preferred data center 

D. GTM directs the client to use its DNS cache to select an alternate location 

E. The client continues to attempt to access the preferred data center 


Q3. The least connections load balancing method functions best when all pool members sharesimilarcharacteristics. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q4. The Rapid Deployment Policy is used to: 

A. Improve web site performance 

B. Quickly protect web sites for most common attacks 

C. Improve ASM performance 

D. Provide wizard functionality for quick policy creation 


Q5. Even though F5 is an application delivery controller, it can also effectively mitigate attacks directed at thenetwork layer. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q6. Which item is NOT a function of a properly deployed and configured ASM? 

A. Detects attacks 

B. Stops hackers from attacking 

C. Provides protection visibility 

D. Provides security agility 


Q7. A top-level DNS zone uses a CNAME record to point to a sub-zone. Which of the following is an example of asub-zone? 

A. www.F5.com/sub 

B. www.F5.com 

C. www.gslb.F5.com 

D. .com 

E. f5.com 


Q8. Replicating a large database between sites could take several hours without WOM, and onlyseveral minutes with WOM. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q9. Which four of these scenarios will benefit from F5's WAN Optimization Module? 

A. An international organization with data centers in different countries 

B. An organization that does not want to rely on using tape backup 

C. An organization with one site but hundreds of Web servers 

D. An organization whose users create extremely large files 

E. An organization that expects their Web site usage to double in the next year 

F. An organization attempting to lower costs by reducing the number of data centers 

Answer: A,B,D,F 

Q10. WOM speeds up large file data transfer across the WAN between a Windows client and aWindows file Server. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: A