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Exam Number/Code: 70-219
Exam name: MCSE Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
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Certification: Microsoft Certification
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2016 Apr 70-219 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. How many sites should you create for Proseware Corporation?


Develop a Revenue Model

There will be the following three-tier service model:

_ Content developers, such as movie producers, will create the content. ? Content providers will establish the channels and infrastructure necessary to host a wide range of content.

_ Each service provider will enroll subscribers, collect revenue, and sell and support all devices in its assigned city.

A method must be developed to measure the amount of attention the content receives. This method will be similar to Web page views, but will need to take into account the anticipated playback duration of the downloaded content. Content providers and content developers will receive a percentage of the service provider's subscription revenue. This percentage will be based on the amount of attention the channel and content receives.

Coordinate a Pilot Project

The pilot project will include the following playback devices:

_ Cable-connected televisions

_ Cable-connected personal computers

_ Wireless video players and optional video glasses

There will be three service providers. Each service provider will provide services to one of the following pilot cities:

_ Atlanta

_ Boston

_ Seattle

All service providers will offer four membership subscription levels with the cable-connected devices. The levels will be named Standard, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All service providers will outsource the sales and servicing of the cable-connected devices to the same consumer electronics manufacturing company.

Service providers will independently manage their wireless networks and wireless devices. Each service provider will provide services only to subscribers in its assigned city. There will be two content providers named CP1 and CP2. The content providers are competing companies and will provide rich media services to all subscribers. The content providers will install and manage the server infrastructure to host content developers. The content providers will also be responsible for rating the content. The three ratings will be named General, Restricted, and Adult. During the pilot project, each content provider will provide the server infrastructure for 10 content developers. There will be a total of 20 content developers named CD01 through CD20.

Technical Requirements

Wireless Network and Wireless Video Players

In each city, a high-bandwidth, one-way broadcast transmitter will be installed to deliver wireless content. A two-way wireless network consisting of 150 transmitters will also be installed in each city. Fifty of the transmitters will be located in the urban area and will be directly connected to a high-speed backbone. One hundred of the transmitters will be located in remote areas and will have lower-speed point-to-point connections to the service provider's data center. Domain controllers for the urban area will be located in the data center. However, to maximize performance, a domain controller will need to be installed at each of the 100 remote, unattended transmission locations. The domain controllers will support authentication of the wireless video players. On startup, each video player will authenticate with Active Directory. Active Directory will use the video player's serial number to identify the assigned subscription level and any linked profile settings. The wireless devices are based on a Windows 2000 operating system and can be managed by using Group Policy objects (GPOs). The devices can also store content for playback. A consumer can customize settings on a device or use the service provider's Web page and the device's serial number to customize settings. In addition, by using the same two-way communication that is used for authentication, consumers can receive e-mail, purchase products, and interact with live broadcast programs. Short-range transmitters will be installed in school zones. These transmitters will disable wireless video players from displaying content that is Restricted or Adult.

Cable-Connected Network and Playback Devices

Both types of cable-connected devices will have a persistent, high-speed connection to the Internet. They will be customized to establish a permanent VPN connection to the service provider's data center and will be able to be managed by using custom Windows 2000 GPOs. The devices will have polices to deploy the trusted root and to support user authentication by means of smart card. Each subscriber level will have a user interface controlled by GPOs. Personalized settings customized by the subscriber will be stored in a user profile. The systems will be configured to include an interactive logon feature. If the card is removed, the service will return to the Standard subscription level. Separate smart cards can be issued to family members to allow access to different content for adults and children.

Content Providers

Content providers will be responsible for producing channel guides. Content providers are also responsible for assigning permissions to the content that corresponds to subscription levels. Server names will correspond to content ratings. Servers containing General, Restricted, and Adult content will have host names that begin with GEN, RES and ADU respectively. Server names will also have content developer designations and unique numbers. Servers in each rating type will have different security and auditing polices. Content providers will be responsible for adding new content-developer user accounts.

Content Developers

Content developers will need to have full administrative control of the servers hosting their content. Content developers must be able to add servers and create security groups to manage permissions to support their staff's need to publish to staging servers and replicate the content to their production servers. Content developers will not be allowed to add new users to the domain or to create or edit GPOs.


All forests will have root domains. The names of the subscribers of each service provider will be confidential and will not be shared with other service providers or content providers. For monitoring purposes, all cable devices will register a DNS record.

Baldwin Museum of Science CEO Interview

The forest and domain design for the service providers has been finalized. (The forest diagram is shown in the exhibit)

We will need to develop a design for the content providers and develop methods for service integration. Some day, the number of users and devices will be in the millions. This expected growth means that the ability to scale up is an important consideration. However, we understand that this type of system will take many years to implement and that technology will keep advancing to meet the requirements of such a large undertaking. Today, what is important is to completely understand the culture, standards, and relationships needed to make a project of this importance a success.


Q37. Which requirements should affect your domain migration strategy?

A. Maintaining Information Worker (IW) accounts and passwords.

B. Maintaining employee accounts and passwords.

C. Protecting the current domain structure.

D. Schedule for employee client computer upgrades to Windows 2000 Professional.

Answer: B

Q38. Which security requirement or requirements are needed for the planned PKI authentication to the remote access server? (Choose all that apply)

A. The client computer must be a member of the Active Directory domain.

B. Active Directory must be a certification authority.

C. A root authority certificate must be stored in the trusted root store on the client computer.

D. The remote access server must support EAP authentication.

Answer: CD

Q39. Which permission or permissions need to be assigned to the local IT staff at each factory in the United States? (Choose all that Apply)

A. Administrative Control of the local Server.

B. Administrative Control of the local Site object in Active Directory.

C. Administrative Control of the local domain controllers.

D. User password resets.

E. Creation of Local Organization unit GPO??s

F. Administrative control of client computers.

Answer: ABF

Q40. Which Proseware Corporation planned upgrade will require you to modify the schema?

A. The two corporate customers will want to be able to view the Proseware Corporation file shares in their global catalog.

B. Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 will be upgraded to Exchange Server 2000.

C. Smart cards and public key infrastructure (PKi) certificates will be implemented.

D. The existing Windows NT domain will be consolidated and upgraded.

Answer: B

70-219 exam question

Actual 70-219 courses:

Q41. Background:

Litware, Inc manufactures various silicon components that are used in consumer electronics. The headquarters for Litware, Inc., are located in New York. Branch offices are located in San Jose, London, New Delhi, Bangkok, and Sydney. Manufacturing facilities are located in San Jose and Bangkok. The company has decided to deploy Active Directory, and you have been selected to create the design. There are 5,000 employees at the head quarters in New York. The Sydney office has 3,500 employees. There are approximately 500 to 800 employees in each of the other offices.

Each of the six offices is contained in one of two regions. The west region includes offices located in the following cities:

_ New York

_ San Jose

_ London

The east region includes offices located in the following cities:

_ Sydney

_ Bangkok

_ New Delhi

Existing Environment

Windows NT 4.0 Domains

Litware, Inc., has eight Windows NT 4.0 domains. There are two account domains, one in the east region and one in the west region. There are six resource domains, one in each office. The two Windows NT 4.0 account domains are maintained by separate IT departments. The users in these account domains are managed by one of the two help desk organizations. The east help desk is located in Sydney, and the west help desk is located in New York. IT departments in each office are responsible for their respective Windows NT 4.0 resource domains. These resource domains currently trust both the east and west account domains.

Network Infrastructure

The New York headquarters campus contains two buildings that are approximately one mile apart and are connected by a 5-Mbps microwave connection. Building1 contains data center, which has the connections to the external WAN connections. Building2 has a smaller data center that contains file and print servers for the building. The WAN topology for Litware, Inc., is shown in the exhibit. Click the exhibit button.

E-Commerce Division

The e-commerce division employees are located in Building1 of the New York campus. The ecommerce division has already built an Active Directory forest named The forest resides outside the Litware, Inc., firewall. The forest hosts the user accounts that are used by end users of the e-commerce web site. User accounts of the e-commerce division employees are located in the west Windows NT 4.0 account domain. The external forest currently trusts the west account domain.

Business Requirements

Chief Executive Office (CEO) Interview

The global components market is highly competitive. Our employees must be able to collaborate with each other 24 hours a day and we cannot allow anything to interfere with this capability. We do a significant amount of research and development in all locations. Security is very important to me. I have appointed a corporate security office who reports directly to me to help maintain consistent security throughout the enterprise.

During the next one to two years, we anticipate a sense of mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions. We need to be ready to incorporate these new entities into our organizational and managerial structure, and into our infrastructure. We must be able to easily restructure our organization, administration, and online data to take advantage of new resources without interrupting the design and manufacturing processes. There is also the possibility that we will sell parts of the business. One group that I have considered selling in the past is the e-commerce division. We were in negotiations with a company that wanted to acquire this division. The divesture did not make sense at that time, but there is a small possibility that we may sell this division within the next five years. The URL associated with this division s web services is extremely well known. If we do sell this division, I think it is likely the purchasing party would want control over the DNS name

We are currently in the final stages of purchasing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chicago from a company named Contoso, Ltd. This acquisition should be complete in two to four months.

Chief Information Office (CIO) Interview

We anticipate many changes to the company organization during the next few years. We will be reorganizing entire divisions, incorporating unknown client and network operating systems and infrastructures, and adding large number of new users as we acquire new companies. I have appointed IT managers for the east and west regions. The IT manager for the west is located in New York. The IT manager for the east is located in Sydney. These two managers report to me. I have delegated to the managers complete decision-making power over the resources and users you their respective regions.

This division of control must not hinder the performance, security or availability of computer-based resources in the enterprise. When users access resources, these resources must be presented quickly, and logon times must be as fast as possible. We cannot afford to have any computer downtime. I am concerned about the acquisition of the Contoso, Ltd., manufacturing facility. This facility is already running Windows 2000 and is logging on to the forest used by the entire company of Contoso, Ltd. We plan to connect the Contoso, Ltd., manufacturing facility to the New York office by a 256-Kbps fractional T1 connection.

Engineering design teams are located in all six offices. These teams collaborate to create, test, and modify new and existing component designs. This collaboration requires creating, accessing, and modifying a variety of documents and document formats that are on servers located throughout the company. Many of these engineers travel to other locations throughout the world for extended periods of time.

Technical Requirements

Corporate Security Office Interview

We have seen an increase in both internal and external attempts to breach the security of our network. We do not know if these attempts come from individuals who are simply testing their skills, or whether they are attempts at organized industrial espionage. Nevertheless, we are not taking risks. Security must be one of the primary considerations in the design of all operating systems and services. I plan to publish a mandatory security policy document requiring a minimum password length of 10 characters and a password expiration of 30 days. Additionally, all domain controllers in the enterprise will be physically secured. I am also concerned about someone gaining physical access to our network and using a packet-capturing device to analyze traffic. To help mitigate this risk, I want all communications that takes place between domain controllers to be encrypted.

CIO Interview

I am concerned about the bandwidth between Sydney and New York. Many of the resources that the people in the east region access are located in New York. This connection has an average utilization rate of 80 percent.

The engineering department has a primary server named Corpeng and a share named Engdocs. This share contains thousands of documents that all engineers must have access to at all times. I want to ensure that all engineers can access these documents from a local server as quickly as possible. Administration of the organizational units needs to allow for the east and west help desks to continue to manage their respective user accounts. Each resource domain owner needs to be granted rights to continue to manage the computer resources and permissions. Our corporate policy states that all user accounts must be maintained only by help desk. Within the new Active Directory forest, I want to ensure that Litware, Inc., resource domain owners are not allowed to create or delete users under anycircumstances. In addition, these resource domain owners should be granted the rights to manage Group

Policy that will be applied to computers located in their sites. I plan to create a global administrators team. The primary function of this team will be to act as the service owner of the entire forest. The team needs to have the ability to manage every object in Active Directory and audit the actions of the help desk and site administrator groups. I want flexibility in the forest design and the ability to transfer ownership of the forest without disrupting the users. Our primary data center, which includes the majority of my staff, is located in Building1. I want to ensure that in the event of a power outage in Building1 we can still provide all forest-wide operations.

West IT Manager Interview

We need to delegate authority for passwords resets and the management of file and printer resources to our eight major departments: research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing, finance, sales, IT, and human resources. At each branch office, each department??s IT staff needs to have the ability to manage the resources only within that one branch. I want to ensure that, during the day, the link between the New York buildings is used in the most efficient manner possible. It seems that when password requirements are too complex, users are more likely to write them down. I think this is a larger security risk than allowing shorter passwords. For this reason, I plan to mandate a minimum password length of four characters. The IT manager in the east believes that password security can be maintained through strict corporate policies and end-user training.

He has decided to enforce a policy that requires passwords to be at eight characters.


Q42. Which two factors are reasons to collapse the engineering domain into an organizational unit in (Each correct Answer: presents parts of the solution. Choose two)

A. Reduction of administration costs

B. The existence of engineering department administrators

C. Easier group policy administration

D. Trust between SPINNA and SPINENG

E. Redundancy concerns for engineering department users

Answer: AC

Q43. Exhibit


Q44. Where should you place the PDC emulator role holder for

A. Detroit IT center

B. Berlin

C. Cleveland

D. Detroit headquarters

Answer: B

Q45. You are Considering Four different organization unit designs for the United States operations.

The four design are shown in the Exhibit.

Which Design should you Use?

A. Design A

B. Design B

C. Design C

D. Design D

Answer: C

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