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Exam Number/Code: 70-219
Exam name: MCSE Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
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Certification: Microsoft Certification
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2016 Mar 70-219 Study Guide Questions:

Q91. You must design the site topology for the Hiabuv Toys. Which factor or factors should have the most influence on your design? (Choose all that apply)?


Many students and staff belong to multiple colleges, and all administration of the user accounts will be provided centrally. For this reason, all users will be created in a single organizational unit. Each college will be given an organization unit and delegated administration of that organizational unit to manage their resources. College IT administrators will not have any access to manage globally populated groups or users. However, we will be creating a Web-based application for these administrators to request changes to the users in their colleges.

All DNS servers controlled by the campus IT department will be migrated to Windows 2000 Server computers. A single DNS server will host all records for resources located in the screened subnet. I want to consolidate as many forest and domain services as possible in my data center while still providing redundancy on case of a natural disaster.

The Distance Learning IT group will use Terminal Services from their primary client computers to connect to the servers that provide external services in the screened subnet.