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Exam Number/Code: 646-985
Exam name: Data Center Networking Solution Sales
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Certification: Cisco Certification
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2016 May 646-985 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which feature is a feature of Cisco WAAS? Select the best response.

A. firewall security

B. TCP optimization

C. Ethernet optimization

D. server load balancing

Answer: B

Q42. You work as the network administrator at Company.com. Which of the following is correct if using the Cisco VFrame DC as a data center provisioning device?

A. Cisco VFrame DC can work only with the Nexus 7000 Series Switches.

B. Cisco VFrame DC can provision only network resources.

C. Cisco VFrame DC can work with VMware.

D. Cisco VFrame DC can work with the Catalyst 6500 Series Switches and the Nexus 7000 Series Switches but not with MDS.

Answer: C

Q43. Which two ways do you position a Cisco data center solution when a customer has existing McData switches? (Choose two.)

A. McData switches are backward-compatible with Brocade.

B. McData switches work the same as those from HP and IBM.

C. Cisco solutions use software to replace McData switches.

D. Cisco solutions have full connectivity with Brocade.

E. Cisco solutions can simply replace the McData switches.

F. Cisco solutions allow VSANs to be extended to these switches.

Answer: DF


Latest cisco 646-985 exam:

Q44. Which two are examples of application support services that can be deployed across the data center? (Choose two.) 

A. load balancing

B. virtual firewalls

C. SAN virtualization

D. fault tolerance

E. consolidating storage services

F. adding unified fabric as a backbone

Answer: AB

Q45. Which two of the following are benefits of engaging Cisco field resources? (Choose two.)

A. Maximize the number and value of customer sales engagements

B. Access free implementation and support services

C. Eliminate sales and marketing expense

D. Increase revenue and improve margin

E. Access free hardware and software for resale

Answer: AD

Q46. You work as a Cisco data center sales professional at Company.com, and you are negotiating with with a corporate manager, which of the following statements would be your best saying?

A. Network-embedded intelligence means that functions can be swiftly deployed and redeployed across the data center.

B. The network is the foundation of the twenty-first-century data center, so Cisco should be a prime architectural resource for designing all aspects of the data center.

C. A single network spanning multiple protocols, using Ethernet as a backbone, is the basis of the next-generation data center.

D. Network-based intelligence can be shared across all connected applications and devices and can deliver tens of gigabytes of throughput along with submillisecond latencies.

Answer: A

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Q47. You are a Cisco engineer of Company.com. As much as you know, which of the following is a competitive statement to describe Cisco?

A. Cisco is developing an extended specification for Ethernet, which will be unique to Cisco and will act as a backbone connection system, end to end, across the data center, supporting such protocols as Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

B. Cisco can virtualize storage, network, and server resources and provision them to applications.

C. Cisco can orchestrate and provision virtual servers, virtual storage, and virtual network resources across the data center from a single control point.

D. Cisco can combine the virtualization of switches and network resources using service modules in the Catalyst 6500 that support virtual device contexts with the virtualization of storage using the SSM's built-in virtualization feature in the MDS, and then provision these resources to applications using VFrame.

Answer: C

Q48. You are the senior desktop administrator for Company.com. A potential customer is thinking about a full data center virtualization strategy and is putting off network purchasing decisions. And he plans to deploy VMware before compatibility testing for storage and networking. What will be the best response for this case?

A. Be sure that the customer is aware of that Cisco has a financial stake and a place on the board of VMware, so Cisco will follow whatever VMware is doing. Any networking products bought from Cisco today are guaranteed to be upgraded to match any changes made by VMware.

B. Be sure that the customer is aware of that Cisco has the only complete network solution sets authorized by VMware.

C. Explain how the Cisco VFrame Data Center has been tested and approved to provision not only VMware but also the Cisco networking solutions; so today's purchase of Cisco networking equipment automatically integrates into a wider data center virtualization strategy, satisfying both the needs of the existing data center and adapting the virtualized environment as it evolves.

D. Tell the customer that Cisco will release a version of VMware as an embedded network service soon, so you can guarantee the compatibility with Cisco equipment.

Answer: C

Q49. What is the key element in SMB solutions?

A. They provide the lowest possible cost.

B. They reduce the cost and complexity associated with multiple services in a single device.

C. They reduce complexity by eliminating features.

D. Consumer-level products are suitable for SMB needs.

Answer: B

Q50. Which two high-profile regulations have a global impact on the financial industry? (Choose two.)

A. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act


C. Basel II

D. Sarbanes-Oxley

Answer: CD

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