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Exam Number/Code: 646-985
Exam name: Data Center Networking Solution Sales
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Certification: Cisco Certification
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2016 May 646-985 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. You are a help desk trainee for Company.com. As far as you know, what is the reasonable description for Cisco VFrame DC?

A. The software element of the Cisco Substance Frequency Scale InfiniBand server switch 

B. A service orchestration solution that coordinates provisioning and reuse of physical and virtualized computing, storage, and network resources on demand

C. A service orchestration solution that exclusively coordinates provisioning and reuse of physical and virtualized network resources on demand

D. A service orchestration solution that exclusively coordinates provisioning and reuse of physical and virtualized storage and network resources on demand

Answer: B

Q22. Which two scenarios are opportunities for selling a Cisco VPN solution? (Choose two.)

A. An online music retailer with multiple downloading locations that wants to centralize access to large media files

B. A growing publishing firm that needs a secure way for remote content editors to connect through the Internet to the company extranet

C. A large ISP that has been targeted by a denial of service attack that disables Internet access for several thousand customers

D. A mortgage-lending company that opens several branch offices that require secure access to underwriting information on the corporate extranet

Answer: BD

Q23. Which scenario is an indicator that a customer is a good prospect for a Cisco data center solution? Select the best response.

A. The customer has not yet been shown the capabilities of the Cisco Nexus family of devices.

B. The customer is planning to deploy a sizable server virtualization within a year.

C. The customer currently has a strong relationship with HP or IBM.

D. The customer is currently using servers with a 2U form factor.

Answer: B


Updated 646-985 pdf:

Q24. You are the senior desktop administrator for Company.com. As much as you know, which type of Cisco switches supports InfiniBand?

A. Nexus 7000 Series

B. Multilayer DataCenter Switch(MDS)


D. Catalyst 6500 Series

Answer: C

Q25. Which deployment is best suited to the Cisco Catalyst 4948 Switch?

A. high-bandwidth connectivity, such as 10-Gbps XENPAKs

B. top-of-rack connectivity with high-speed uplinks to core switches

C. a small number of servers requiring connections in close proximity to the servers

D. a large number of servers requiring connections in close proximity to the servers

Answer: B

Q26. What are three key differentiators that set Cisco Unified Computing Systems apart from competitors like HP and Dell? (Choose three.)

A. professional service offerings

B. financing options

C. virtualization optimization

D. service profile portability

E. technical support and warranty

F. breadth of computing portfolio

G. memory expansion capacity

H. partner ecosystem

Answer: CDG


High value cisco 646-985:

Q27. Which action will provide high availability and reliability in the data center?

A. updating the servers with addition NICs

B. upgrading to Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches with ACE modules

C. upgrading the switch uplinks to EtherChannel

D. updating the Spanning Tree Protocol to IEEE 802.1X (express)

Answer: B

Q28. You work as a Cisco engineer at Company.com. The company has numbers of suboffices throughout the world, each handling its own business. The Legal department is worried about keeping regulatory compliance at all sites. Which of the following would be your main focus on as a solution strategy?

A. Virtualization and provisioning

B. Consolidation and application optimization

C. Wide-area connectivity optimization

D. Server-free backup and storage virtualization

Answer: B

Q29. What are two benefits of unified fabric? (Choose two.) Select 2 response(s).

A. reduced cabling

B. increased latency

C. reduced throughput

D. reduction of server adapters required for I/O

E. reduced I/O bandwidth, which allows Fibre Channel over Ethernet to work

Answer: AD

Q30. Your customer needs to be able to recover very quickly if there is a major disruptive event. The first phase in reaching this goal is to consider using the SAN to ensure that the customer's stored data is as up to date and as safe as possible. How can Cisco help? Select the best response.

A. recommend using the built-in Continuous Data Protection capability of the Cisco Storage Services Module

B. recommend that the customer consider using the Cisco SANTap to facilitate a Continuous Data Protection solution

C. recommend using the Cisco Network Assisted Storage Backup to ensure that the customer has a full tape backup of all data

D. recommend using the Cisco Data Mobility Manager capability of the Cisco Storage Services Module to enable an instantaneous copy of all data from the primary disks to secondary disks

Answer: B

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