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Exam Number/Code: 599-01
Exam name: Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - Storage Delivery Exam
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Certification: Riverbed Certification
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Q21. Granite appliance has deep snapshot integration with which vendors? (Select.3) 

A. Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) 


C. NetApp 

D. Dell EqualLogic 

E. 3PAR 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q22. What are the two steps needed for peer replication configuration? (Select 2) 

A. Configure role, password, and secondary Whitewater IP on the primary Whitewater appliance. 

B. Configure role, password, and megastore ID on the primary Whitewater appliance. 

C. Configure role, password, and primary Whitewater IP on the secondary Whitewater appliance. 

D. Configure role, password, and megastore ID on the secondary Whitewater appliance. 

Answer: A,D 

Q23. The delay between taking a snapshot at the edge and flushing the snapshot to the storage array is called what? 

A. Snapshot Target 

B. Snapshot Lag 

C. Snapshot Window 

D. Snapshot Integration 


Q24. What are the default ports used between the Granite Edge and Granite Core on a Steelhead EX platform? 

A. 7150-7154, 7170 

B. 7950-7954, 7970 

C. Granite uses the same default ports as the Steelhead WAN Optimization 

D. 7750-7754, 7770 

E. 7050-7050, 7070 


Q25. Which acceptable ways Whitewater appliances can be expanded to hold additional storage? (Select 2) 

A. Use external USB drives connected to the rear USB ports of Whitewater.appliance. 

B. Add an additional (up to 2) shelf to the Whitewater appliance.head unit. 

C. Adjust the data store disk size on the virtual Whitewater VM (within the ESXi host) while the virtual Whitewater appliance.VM is offline. 

D. Connect a 3rd party SAS drive array shelf to the Whitewater appliance.head unit. 

Answer: B,C 

Q26. Which mechanisms can cause Whitewater appliance.replication to pause or effect the optimization service? (Select 4) 

A. Cloud provider outage. 

B. Backup application crash. 

C. WAN outage. 

D. Whitewater bandwidth settings. 

E. Incorrect cloud provider credentials. 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q27. The term for "fixing" a LUN's blocks in blockstore so that they may not be ejected via LRU is: 

A. Pinning 

B. Prepop 

C. Snapshot 

D. Online 


Q28. Which of the following is an iSCSI-compliant SAN technology with snapshot integration that has been qualified with Granite appliance? 

A. EMC VMAX 5876 

B. Dell FAS270 

C. NetApp FAS270 

D. Hitachi PS4000 

E. IBM XIV 3000 


Q29. If Granite appliance experiences a WAN outage, and a user requests a block that *is* contained in the blockstore, what happens? 

A. Blue screen 

B. I/O error 

C. The read request is satisfied 

D. The read request is queued 


Q30. If a Virtual Whitewater appliance.datastore disk is undersized relative to the cloud license applied, what happens? 

A. The Virtual Whitewater appliance.system fails to boot. 

B. The Virtual Whitewater appliance.system boots, but the optimization service does not start. 

C. The Virtual Whitewater appliance.system boots, but triggers a critical alarm. 

D. The Virtual Whitewater appliance.system boots, but triggers a degraded alarm. 

E. The Virtual Whitewater appliance.system deletes the offending cloud license.