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Product Description:
Exam Number/Code: 499-01
Exam name: Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional – Application Performance Management
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Certification: Riverbed Certification
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Q1. - (Topic 3) 

What do AppResponse Xpert utilization metrics measure? 

A. Inbound traffic to a group and outbound traffic from a group. 

B. The number of turns between servers and clients. 

C. Average size of data transfers to and from business groups. 

D. AppResponse Xpert appliances do not report on utilization. 


Q2. - (Topic 3) 

Highlighting the top 10 listed IP addresses in an IP table and then clicking the "Multi-Group Metric Time Series Chart" icon in the toolbar delivers what result? 

A. It graphs the throughput of the first listed IP. 

B. It sums the throughput for the highlighted IP addresses and then graphs the result. 

C. It graphs the throughput for each of the highlighted IP addresses overlaid on the same graph. 

D. It does nothing, as more configuration is needed. 


Q3. - (Topic 5) 

Which of these is not an available data source for Dashboards? 

A. AppInternals Xpert 

B. AppResponse Xpert 

C. BrowserMetrix 

D. AppTransaction Xpert 


Q4. - (Topic 1) 

How should you instrument a Java application when a command line to start the application is not readily accessible? 

A. This is not feasible currently. 

B. Recompile or modify the code. 

C. Set the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable to add the argument into the application start up. 

D. We should not instrument applications that use embedded virtual machines. 


Q5. - (Topic 4) 

Choose the best answer for how to decode a trace when importing it into AppTransaction Xpert. 

A. Using Wireshark to decode the trace is recommended. 

B. Using Wireshark to decode the trace is mandatory. 

C. AppTransaction Xpert uses its internal decoder to decode the trace. 

D. AppTransaction Xpert uses trace explorer to decode the trace. 


Q6. - (Topic 1) 

What is the maximum number of transactions stored by Transaction Trace Warehouse (TTW)? 

A. Infinite 

B. 1 billion 

C. Last 3 years' worth 

D. Infinite, but dependent on disk size 

E. Last years' worth 

F. Previous weeks' worth 


Q7. - (Topic 4) 

For a particular IP conversation, how many packet data captures are needed to get latency information? 

A. 2 

B. 1 

C. None. AppTransaction Xpert gathers it with SNMP polling. 

D. The agent collects latency time from the network and sends it to the console. 


Q8. - (Topic 6) 

When measuring end-user performance of internal .NET web applications, which solution provides the most valuable information and why? 

A. AppResponse Xpert, because it shows server and network delays for individual page views. 

B. AppInternals Xpert Transaction Trace Warehouse, because it includes network delay and indicates what happens within each tier. 

C. BrowserMetrix SaaS, because it reports the most detail of end-user performance, is measured at the browser, and is easiest to set up. 

D. AppTransaction Xpert, because it reports the most detail of transaction performance as seen by the workstation's network packets. 

E. BrowserMetrix On-Premise, because it provides the most detail of end-user performance and the ability to see Transaction Trace Warehouse data for server-side delay information. 


Q9. - (Topic 4) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

What does the white triangle denote in the AppTransaction Xpert DEC (data exchange chart)? 

A. Application dependency 

B. Data from the server to itself 

C. Latency effect 

D. Unaccounted data 


Q10. - (Topic 3) 

What is the default HTTP field used for recording the originating IP field for web transaction analysis (WTA) results? 

A. X-cluster-client-IP 

B. X-Forwarded-For 

C. Source-client-IP 

D. Referrer