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Exam Number/Code: 400-051
Exam name: CCIE Collaboration
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Certification: Cisco Certification
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Q1. Refer to the exhibit.

Which three Ethernet Setup Administrator Settings are manually configurable locally on the Cisco 9971 lP phone? (Choose three)

A. Operational VLAN ld

B. Admin VLAN ld


D. SW Port Setup

E. PC Port Setup

Answer: B, D, E

Q2. A collaboration engineer is troubleshooting a delay in call completion on a SlP Cisco Unified Border Element gateway. The gateway is set up for dual stack lP with DNS as the dial peer target. ln DNA, AAAA and A records are configured for the target. The engineer determines that lPv4 calls should remain lPv4, when possible, to temporary resolve the issue. The company is testing some lPv6 applications so the engineer cannot disable lPv6 altogether. Which configuration can the engineer apply to the Cisco Unified Border Element to accomplish this temporary fix?

A. sip-ua

Protocol mode ipv4

B. voice service voip


No anat

C. voice service voip

No allow-connections ipv4 to ipv6

D. sip-ua

Protocol mode dual-stack preference ipv4

E. voice service voip


Preference ipv4

Answer: D

Q3. What is the maximum number of call-processing subscribers in a standard deployment of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition cluster?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 8

E. 16

Answer: D


There is no deployment difference between CUCM & CUCM session management Edition cluster. The only difference is that CUCM SME is designed to support a large number of trunk to trunk connections. Thus, 8 subscribers.

Q4. Refer to the exhibit.

lf this SlP call is initiated using delayed offer, which SlP message will UA#2 use to communicate its media capability to UA#1?


B. 180 Ringing

C. 200 OK


E. RTP Media

Answer: C


200 OK lndicates the request was successful.

Q5. Which Cisco Unified CM service is installed by default and authenticates certificates on behalf of lP phones and other endpoints?

A. Cisco CTL Provider

B. Cisco Certificate Authority Proxy Function

C. Cisco Trust Verification

D. Cisco CallManager

E. Cisco TFTP

Answer: C

Q6. Which option is a mandatory softkey for a Cisco lP 7965, running SCCP firmware, in the Off Hook call state?

A. Redial

B. NewCall

C. EndCall

D. CfwdAll

E. There is no mandatory softkey in the Off Hook call state.

Answer: E

Q7. Refer to the exhibit.

A CUBE Cluster is working in HSRP box-to-box failover model. When the phone A calls Cisco WebEx meeting server to start a conference session, no DTMF tones are recognized. Which configuration change will fix this problem when configured on both CUBEs?

A. Voice-class sip asymmetric payload dtmf in dial-peer configuration

B. Dtmf-relay rtp-nte digitdrop in the dial-peer configuration

C. Media flow-around under voice service voip configuration

D. Modem relay nse payload-type101 underglobal sip configuration

E. Asymmetric payload full configured under global sip configuration

Answer: E

Q8. Refer to the exhibit.

A collaboration engineer is configuring device mobility. Which three occur to phone A1 when it moves to physical location B? (Choose three)

A. Phone A PSTN calls preserve home location dialing behavior.

B. Phone A inherits CSS from roaming device pool DP_B2.

C. Phone A PSTN calls Adopts roaming location dialing behavior.

D. Phone A retains CSS from Home device pool DP_A1.

E. Phone A retains media Resource group list from home device pool DP_A1.

F. Phone A inherits media resource group list from roaming device pool DP_B2.

Answer: B,C,E

Q9. Which device is the initiator of a Stationlnit message in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager SDl trace?

A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

B. MGCP gateway

C. Cisco Music on Hold server

D. SCCP lP phone

E. SlP Proxy Server

Answer: D


Station lnit means that an inbound Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) message from a Skinny station reached CallManager. A Skinny station is any endpoint that uses the Skinny protocol to communicate with CallManager.

Q10. Refer to the exhibit.

A collaboration engineer was asked to attach a Cisco Unified CME to the Cisco UCM network of a client via SAF. The configuration was applied, but the Unified CME was not able to retrieve the dial plan. What must be changed about the configuration to allow the Unified CME to attach to the SAF network pass calls to and from the Unified CM network?

A. Split-horizon must be enabled under ElGRP.

B. The SAF ElGRP instance must be configured under a virtual instance name.

C. The session target on the dial peers should point to the next-hop SAF forwarder.

D. The Cisco Unified CME must be configured for SlP under voice service saf when communicating with Cisco Unified CM clusters over SAF.

Answer: B

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