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Exam Number/Code: 300-320
Exam name: ARCH Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Cisco Certification
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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Q5. OSPF stub areas are an important tool for the Network designer; which of the following two should be considered when utilizing OSPF stub areas? (Choose two)

A. OSPF stub areas increase the size of the LSDB with the addition of Type 3 and 5 LSAs

B. OSPF not so stubby areas are particularly useful as a simpler form of summarization

C. OSPF stub areas are always insulated from external changes

D. OSPF totally stubby areas cannot distinguish among ABRs for the best route to destinations outside the area

E. OSPF stub areas can distinguish among ASBRs for destinations that are external to the OSPF domain

Answer: C,D

Q6. Which one of these could you implement to sustain a large DDoS attack?

A. Stateful firewall


C. Connections limits and timeouts

D. Access-lists

Answer: C

Q7. EIGRP configured on access switch level. What needs to be taken into account for optimal results?

A. Configure stub networks

B. configuring switch-to-switch

C. carry multiple VLANs

D. fixed-configuration switches

Answer: A

Q8. Which virtualization technology uses Layer 3 BFD to detect network failure between Network devices?

A. Cisco Fabric path




Answer: A

Q9. Out of band management. What is the best practice Cisco design?

A. Data traffic should never pass or enter the management network

B. In-band management as backup

C. Enforce QoS

D. Enable dynamic routing

Answer: A

Explanation: hap9.html#wp1054521

"An OOB management network should be deployed using the following best practices:

u2022Provide network isolation

u2022Enforce access control

u2022Prevent data traffic from transiting the management network"

Q10. A VPN solution requires bulk traffic encryption, low OpEx to add new sites, and the ability to accommodate dynamic tunnels between branch locations. What VPN solution can fulfill these requirements?



C. Easy VPN


Answer: D

Q11. SDN solution for WAN which is support automation, PnP (Plug and Play) application delivers on WAN..



C. Enterprise NFV



Answer: B

Q12. What needs to be configured to control unwanted transit traffic to not be routed to remote branches that have multiple WAN connections? (E)

A. route weighting

B. route tagging

C. route filtering

D. route prioritising

Answer: C

Q13. There's a requirement to separate networks within an organization. What technology can be used while preserving hardware?

A. Virtual Context


Answer: A

Q14. What are two of Cisco's best practices at the access layer to ensure rapid link transitions and VLAN consistency? (Choose two.)

A. Deploy RPVST

B. Deploy MSTP

C. Utilize VTP in server/client mode

D. Utilize VTP in transparent mode

E. VLANs span entire network

F. Portfast applied on distribution uplinks

Answer: A,D

Explanation: MSTP or RPVST?

I would recommend MSTP of course but I'm not sure Cisco wants to ear this...

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