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Exam Number/Code: 300-320
Exam name: ARCH Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
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Certification: Cisco Certification
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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Question No: 2

Which two ways to manage scalability issues inside an IBGP domain with 20 or more routers are

recommended? (Choose two.)

A. Configure route reflectors.

B. Use OSPF instead of EIGRP as an underlying routing protocol.

C. Create a full mesh at Layer 1.

D. Configure confederations.

E. Configure static routes between all routers.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 3

Which option provides software modularity in Cisco NX-OS software in the data center design?

A. The ip routing command enables all of the features in the Cisco NX-OS.

B. All of the features are enabled by default in the Cisco NX-OS.

C. Individual features must be manually enabled to start the process.

D. The Cisco NX-OS has a management VRF that is enabled by default.

Answer: C

Question No: 4

Which type of application traffic typically requires prioritization across networks and may use a DSCP value of 34 (AF41)?

A. voice

B. interactive video

C. call signaling

D. routing

E. streaming video

F. network management

Answer: B

Question No: 5

Which option is an advanced WAN services design consideration for a multipoint architecture that connects two or more customer devices using Ethernet bridging techniques over an MPLS network?


B. Metro Ethernet



Answer: A

Question No: 6

Which option is used as a top-of-rack device that is managed by its parent device, providing ease of


A. Cisco Nexus 2000

B. Cisco Nexus 5000

C. Cisco Nexus 7000

D. Cisco Nexus 9000

Answer: A

Question No: 7

Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer manually reconfigures the BGP configuration on newly upgraded router R1. However, the BGP neighbor relationship does not come up with the directly connected neighbor router.

What is causing the failure of the BGP neighbor relationship between routers R1 and R2?

A. An incorrect neighbor IP address for router R2 is configured on router R1.

B. An incorrect neighbor AS number is configured on router R1 for router R2.

C. The wrong BGP authentication password is configured on router R1.

D. Router R1 must configure the R2 loopback address as the neighbor IP address.

Answer: C

Question No: 8

Which two VPN solutions extend the routing capabilities of basic IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.)






Answer: A,D

Question No: 9

Which option is a benefit of site-to-site VPNs?

A. Less configuration required than a WAN circuit

B. More secure than a dedicated WAN circuit

C. Less expensive than a dedicated WAN circuit

D. More reliable than a dedicated WAN circuit

Answer: C

Question No: 10

Which option describes why duplicate IP addresses reside on the same network in Cisco network design?

A. HSRP designed network

B. Using Cisco ACE in active/passive mode

C. VRRP designed network

D. Running multiple routing protocols

Answer: B


Strange Q. Wrong config on FHRP could also end up in duplicate address. EDIT: Actually, the Q ask for a VALID design where there is duplicate address.

Topic 2, Exam Pool B

101.Which of the following two are effective and simple means of employing route summarization within the

Enterprise Campus network? (Choose two)

A. A default route ( /0) advertised dynamically into the rest of the network

B. Route filtering to manage traffic flows in the network, avoid inappropriate transit traffic through remote nodes, and provide a defense against inaccurate or inappropriate routing updates

C. Use manual split horizon

D. Use a structured hierarchical topology to control the propagation of EIGRP queries

E. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) stub areas

Question No: 11

here are 3 steps to confirm whether a range of IP addresses can be summarized. Which of the following is used in each of these 3 steps?

A. The first number in the contiguous block of addresses

B. The last number in the contiguous block of addresses

C. The size of the contiguous block of addresses

D. The subnet mask of the original network address

Answer: C

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