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Exam Number/Code: 300-115
Exam name: SWITCH Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks
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Certification: Cisco Certification
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Question No: 14

A network engineer is installing a switch for temporary workers to connect to. The engineer does not want this switch participating in Spanning Tree with the rest of the network; however, end user connectivity is still required. Which spanning-tree feature accomplishes this?

A. BPDUblock

B. BPDUfilter

C. BPDUignore

D. BPDUguard

E. BPDUdisable

Answer: B

Question No: 15

Which option is the minimum number of bindings that the DHCP snooping database can store?

A. 1000 bindings

B. 2000 bindings

C. 5000 bindings

D. 8000 bindings

Answer: D

Question No: 16

Refer to the exhibit

A network engineer deployed an older switch with the same spanning-tree priority as the existing root, which caused a network outage. In which two locations should the Spanning Tree protocol root guard feature be implemented? (Choose two.)

A. On the designated root switch downlinks to the access layer.

B. On all of non-root switch facing ports of the access layer

C. On the access layers root facing ports

D. On Layer 3 boundaries in the distribution layer

E. Globally on all network switches.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 17

Which two operational attributes can be checked for EtherChannel ports that are in err- disabled state? (Choose two.)

A. Port mode

B. Port cost

C. Duplex



Answer: A,E

Question No: 18

What VSS technology allows you to share downstream resources?





Answer: C

Question No: 19

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two commands ensure that dsw1 becomes root bridge for vlan 10 ?

A. DSW2(Config)#spanning-tree vlan 10 priority 61440

B. DSW2(Config)#spanning-tree vlan 10 priority 4066

C. DSW2(Config)#spanning-tree vlan 20 priority 0

D. DSW2(Config)#spanning-tree vlan 10 priority root

E. DSW2(Config)#spanning-tree vlan 10 port-priority 0

Answer: B,D

Question No: 20

Which switchport feature will block the packet with unknown MAC address from sending it via port.

A. switchport protect

B. switchport block unicast

C. switchport portfast

D. packet with unknown MAC will be dropped

Answer: B

Question No: 21

Which HSRP extension allows groups to share traffic loads?






Answer: C

Question No: 22

How can you set VLAN 99 on a trunk to become a native VLAN?

A. switchport trunk native vlan 99

B. switchport trunk vlan 99 native

C. switchport native vlan 99 trunk

D. switchport native trunk vlan 99

E. switchport vlan 99 native

F. switchport vlan native trunk 99

Answer: A

Question No: 23

Which two conditions must be met to establish a Layer 2 EtherChannel? (Choose two.)

A. SPAN must be disabled on the ports.

B. LAN ports in the EtherChannel must be contiguous.

C. The trunking protocol must be the same for all links in the EtherChannel.

D. All ports in the EtherChannel must be on the same module.

E. All ports in the EtherChannel must operate in half duplex.

Answer: A,C

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