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Exam Number/Code: 2V0-622D
Exam name: VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam
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Certification: VMware Certification
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Which port is used for vSphere HA agent-to-agent communication?

  • A. 902
  • B. 443
  • C. 8182
  • D. 22

Answer: C

How can an administrator exclude Encryption rights from a support engineer?

  • A. Clone the role virtualmachinepower user , remove Cryptographic operations privileges.
  • B. Clone the role No crytography administrator and select privileges only for the support engineer.
  • C. Clone the role virtual machine power user and assign to the support engineer.
  • D. Clone the role Administrator and assign to the support engineer.

Answer: B

What are three considerations when booting ESXihost from SAN using software FCoE? (Choose three.)

  • A. The VMware_FCoE_vSwitch that the installer automatically created cannot be changed.
  • B. Boot LUN cannot be shared with other hosts even on shared storage.
  • C. Multipathing is not supported at pre-boot.
  • D. Software FCoE boot configuration cannot be changed from within ESXi

Answer: BCD


Which metric in the Exhibit would identify high latency for a storage device?
2V0-622D dumps exhibit

  • A. KAVG/cmd
  • B. DAVG/cmd
  • C. GAVG/cmd
  • D. QAVG/cmd

Answer: B

Explanation: 2V0-622D dumps exhibit

Upgrading vCenter Server with Microsoft SQL database fails with the following error message:
2V0-622D dumps exhibit
What could cause this error?

  • A. incorrect database on the SQL Server
  • B. incorrect ports open on SQL Server
  • C. incorrect compatibility mode on the SQL Server
  • D. incorrect permission on SQL Server database

Answer: C

An administrator is trying to remove a host from a vSphere Distributed Switch named DSwitch01. The following error message is displayed:
vDS DSwitch01 port 17 is still on host connected to VM01 nic=4000 type=vmVnic
Which two actions can the administrator make before removing the host from the vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.)

  • A. Migrate VM01 to DSwitch01 port 1.
  • B. Add an additional vNIC to VM01 to another vSphere Distributed Switch.
  • C. Migrate VM01 to another host.
  • D. Disconnect the VM01’s vNIC.
  • E. Place VM01 into Maintenance Mode.

Answer: CD

Explanation: Before removing the host from distributed switch, migrate VM01 to Dswitch01 Port1. Then disconnect VM01 NIC.

An administrator is creating a hybrid vSAN cluster with six ESXi hosts equally distributed on three server racks.
How can this cluster be protected from a single rack failure?

  • A. Allocate at least two storage controllers in each host.
  • B. Create at list two disk groups in each host.
  • C. Allocate at least two flash devices for caching in each disk group.
  • D. Create three fault domains in the vSAN cluster.

Answer: D

Which is the maximum number of block devices (LUNs) that are supported by ESXi hosts that are running version 6.5?

  • A. 1024
  • B. 512
  • C. 2048
  • D. 256

Answer: B

Which three VMware-recommended best practices should an administrator follow before upgrading to vSphere 6.5? (Choose three.)

  • A. Disconnect ESXi host from vCenter.
  • B. VMware Tools are installed in the virtual machine.
  • C. Ensure that the system hardware complies with ESXi requirements.
  • D. Back up the host.
  • E. Check the interoperability of any other software integrated with vSphere.

Answer: CDE

Which three are supported upgrade processes for ESXi host? (Choose three.)

  • A. using vSphere Auto Deploy
  • B. using a TFTP server
  • C. using Update Manager
  • D. using an ESXCLI command
  • E. installing from CIFS share

Answer: ACD

A vSphere administrator wants to reserve 0.5Gbps for virtual machines on each uplink on a distributed switch that has 10 uplinks.
What is the quota that should be reserved for the network resource pool?

  • A. 5Gbps
  • B. 10Gbps
  • C. 100Gbps
  • D. 0.5Gbps

Answer: A

Explanation: For example, if the virtual machine system traffic has 0.5 Gbps reserved on each 10 GbE uplink on a distributed switch that has 10 uplinks, then the total aggregated bandwidth available for VM reservation on this switch is 5 Gbps. Each network resource pool can reserve a quota of this 5 Gbps capacity.

Which three options are available for remediation with Proactive HA? (Choose three.)

  • A. Quarantine mode for moderate and Power off for severe failure.
  • B. Quarantine mode for all failures.
  • C. Power off for all failures.
  • D. Quarantine mode for moderate and Maintenance mode for severe failure.
  • E. Maintenance mode for all failures.

Answer: BDE

When installing vCenter Converter Standalone, why must an administrator perform a client-server installation instead of a local installation?

  • A. to manage conversion tasks remotely
  • B. to convert virtual machines as well as physical machines
  • C. to allow installation of the Converter agent on remote source machines
  • D. to hot clone physical or virtual machines

Answer: A

Which two permissions are required to migrate a virtual machine with Storage vMotion? (Choose two.)

  • A. Network > Move Network
  • B. Virtual Machine > Inventory > Move
  • C. Resource > Migrate powered on virtual machine
  • D. Datastore > Allocate Space

Answer: CD

Explanation: You require these permissions to perform Storage vMotion from the Remote Command Line Interface (RCLI): Resource: language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1011345

Which statement regarding datastore clusters meets VMware's recommended best practices?

  • A. Clusters should contain only datastores presented from the same storage array.
  • B. Clusters should contain only datastores with equal hardware acceleration capability.
  • C. Clusters should contain only datastores using the same connection method (iSCSI, FC, etc.).
  • D. Clusters should contain only datastores with the same capacity.

Answer: B

Assuming a mirrored (RAID-1) object configuration, how may hosts must contribute storage in a non-stretched VMware vSAN cluster to satisfy the “Number of failures to tolerate” policy option?
“n” is the desired “Number of failures to tolerate” value for all options.

  • A. 3n
  • B. 2n
  • C. 2n+1
  • D. 2n+2

Answer: C

Explanation: 2V0-622D dumps exhibit

Which system traffic type cannot be configured with Network I/O Control (NIOC) bandwidth allocation?

  • A. Virtual SAN traffic
  • B. ESXi host Management traffic
  • C. vSphere Replication traffic
  • D. Software FCoE Adapter traffic

Answer: D

Explanation: You can use NIOC to assign bandwidth for host management, virtual machines, iSCSI storage, NFS storage, vSphere vMotion, vSphere Fault Tolerance, vSAN, and vSphere Replication on the physical adapters that are connected to a vSphere Distributed Switch but not Fcoe Adapter traffic.

Which two storage technologies are supported for MSCS? (Choose two.)

  • A. VAAI
  • B. NFS
  • C. iSCSI
  • D. FC

Answer: CD


How can a vSphere administrator ensure that a set of virtual machines run on different hosts in a DRS cluster?

  • A. Add the VMs to a vApp.
  • B. Use a VM-Host affinity rule.
  • C. Place the VMs in different folders.
  • D. Use a VM-VM affinity rule.

Answer: D

An administrator must change the statistics level for short-term performance monitoring and wants to collect metrics for all counters, excluding minimum and maximum rollup values.
What would be the statistics level?

  • A. Level 1
  • B. Level 4
  • C. Level 2
  • D. Level 3

Answer: D

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