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Exam Number/Code: 2V0-620
Exam name: vSphere 6 Foundations Beta Exam
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Certification: VMware Certification
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Exam Code: 2V0-620 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: vSphere 6 Foundations Beta Exam
Certification Provider: VMware
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2016 May 2V0-620 Study Guide Questions:

Q81. What are two ways to identify TCP/IP stack information? (Choose two.) 

A. Using the vSphere Web Client 

B. Using esxcli network ip netstack 

C. Using esxcfg-netstack 

D. Using the vSphere Client 

Answer: A,B 

Q82. An administrator creates an ESXi cluster using vSphere Auto Deploy. The ESXi hosts are configured to get a management IP address from a DHCP server. The administrator needs to troubleshoot the management network on one of the hosts. Which DCUI option should the administrator use to renew the DHCP lease? 

A. Restart Management Network 

B. Restore Network Settings 

C. Test Management Network 

D. Configure Management Network 

Answer: A 

Q83. Refer to the Exhibit. 

A storage administrator is not seeing full utilization of all bandwidth from an ESXi host. The vSphere administrator observes the adapter details, as shown in the Exhibit. 

What is the probable cause of this issue? 

A. Another path needs to be used to allow full utilization of the bandwidth. 

B. The array is not setup to use the correct multipathing policy. 

C. There are no virtual machines on the host. 

D. No traffic is being sent across it because a path failed. 

Answer: D 


Renovate 2v0-620 vce:

Q84. After selecting an object in vRealize Operations, how can a user compare the badge values of related child objects? 

A. Use the Scoreboard tab 

B. Use the Relationship tab 

C. Use the Members tab 

D. Use the Overview tab 

Answer: A 

Q85. An administrator has an application that requires connection directly to PCI devices through a virtual machine. 

What is a limitation of this configuration? 

A. Devices must be reserved for PCI passthrough on at least one host on which the virtual machine will run. 

B. Snapshots are not supported with DirectPath I/O passthrough devices. 

C. A maximum of 18 PCI vSphere DirectPath devices can be added to a virtual machine. 

D. Only one PCI controller can be presented to the virtual machine. 

Answer: B 

Q86. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator is adding an NFS datastore as shown in the Exhibit. What is the purpose of the Servers to be added list? 

A. It contains the IP addresses of the NFS Storage Server to provide multipathing capability. 

B. It contains the IP addresses of the ESXi hosts that mount the datastore. 

C. It contains the IP addresses used for Dynamic Discovery of targets. 

D. It contains the IP addresses used for Static Discovery of targets. 

Answer: A 

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Realistic 2v0-620 exam:

Q87. What may be a cause for failure to unmount an NFS datastore? 

A. It has active snapshot files. 

B. It is being used for High Availability (HA) heartbeat. 

C. It is part of a Cluster. 

D. It is managed by Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). 

Answer: A 

Q88. An administrator attempts to install vCenter Single Sign-On Server. The installer returns an error message indicating that the installation failed. Prior to the installation, all setup prerequisites were met. The administrator has generated a vCenter Server Single Sign-On support bundle. 

Which two files should the administrator analyze to determine the cause of the failure? (Choose two.) 

A. Server\utils\logs\imsTrace.log 

B. Server\utils\logs\install.txt 

C. %TEMP%\utils\logs\vminst.log 

D. %TEMP%\vminst.log 

Answer: A,D 


http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC &externalId=2033880 https://www.vmware.com/support/ws5/doc/intro_techsup_ws.html 

Q89. How are ports scaled on vSphere Standard Switches (vSS)? 

A. Ports on a vSS can be dynamically scaled up and down. 

B. Ports on a vSS can only be statically scaled up or down. 

C. Ports on a vSS can only be dynamically scaled down. 

D. Ports on a vSS can only be dynamically scaled up. 

Answer: A 

Q90. Which type of Adapter does not require vmkernel networking? 

A. Independent Hardware iSCSI Adapter 

B. Dependent Hardware iSCSI Adapter 

C. Software iSCSI Adapter 

D. Software FCoE Adapter 

Answer: A 

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