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Product Description:
Exam Number/Code: 250-410
Exam name: Administration of Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.x
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Symantec Certification
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Q31. Typical tasks in the policy life cycle include creation, review, approval, and publishing. Which other task applies to the policy life cycle?

A.applying a review cycle

B.mapping regulations

C.defining control statements

D.managing clarifications


Q32. What are two requirements for launching the Certificate Management Console? (Select two.) 

A.The user must be logged onto the system hosting Encryption Management Services.

B.The user must be a member of the CCS Administrator role.

C.The user must be a domain administrator.

D.The user must know the Root Certificate password.

E.The user must know the Encryption Management Service passphrase.

Answer: A,D 

Q33. A user is scheduling a job in Standards Manager and wants the job to run on a specified interval. Which option allows the user to specify the number of days in the interval? 

A.run with criteria

B.sub-schedule for data collection

C.notification details

D.Windows Task Scheduler


Q34. A colleague requested that account_lockouts.xml be run in Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0. How would the file be loaded into Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0? 

A.choose Manage and then Assets on the Menu bar; View and Select Import option fromQuery Tasks drop-down menu, choose Import

B.choose Manage and then Asset Systems on the Menu bar; View and Select Importoption from Query Tasks drop-down menu, choose Import

C.choose Manage and then Content on the Menu bar; View and Select Import option fromQuery Tasks drop-down menu, choose Import

D.choose Manage and then Queries on the Menu bar; View and Select Import option fromQuery Tasks drop-down menu, choose Import


Q35. What is a required configuration item for a CCS Manager? 


B.ODBC configuration

C.access level

D.LiveUpdate manager


Q36. A Control Compliance Suite 11.0 user schedules a Policy Acceptance report. After the Report job finishes, the user opens the results and receives the message: 'No data available to generate this report.' The user is sure that certain people have already accepted policies this morning. What should the user do in order to get the data in the report? 

A.Run the Report Generation job again.

B.Run the Policy and Mandates Metrics Computation job.

C.Run the Report Data Purge job.

D.Run the Report Data Synchronization job.


Q37. Common Fields CIA values are associated with which object type? 



C.Control Point


Answer: A

Q38. Users can copy an Asset Group to which two locations? (Select two.) 

A.Asset Group templates

B.Existing Asset group

C.Business Asset view

D.Asset System root folder

E.Assets folder

Answer: D,E 

Q39. Which action must be performed before a newly installed CCS Agent can be used? 

A.It must be registered to a CCS Manager.

B.It must be registered with LiveUpdate.

C.It must be assigned to a site.

D.It must be assigned a license.


Q40. In which two ways are the Assess Procedural Controls business objectives met by Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0? (Select two.) 

A.The Response Assessment Module provides a set of standards to check against userpolicies. B. The Response Assessment Module contains procedural controls to integratecontent and directive.

B.The Response Assessment Module integrates with the policy module.

C.The Response Assessment Module is an external data application.

D.The Response Assessment Module is an entitlement assessment application.

Answer: B,D