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Exam Number/Code: 220-802
Exam name: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam (220-802)
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Certification: CompTIA Certification
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2016 Aug comptia a+ 220-801 and 220-802 notes:

Q271. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following allows a hidden backdoor to be used for access to workstations on the Internet? 

A. Firmware 

B. Rootkits 

C. SQL injection 

D. Cross-side scripting 

Answer: B 


Q272. - (Topic 2) 

A technician is trying to prevent a local application from reaching the web due to security concerns. Which of the following solutions could BEST prevent the application from reaching the web? (Select TWO). 

A. Configure the workstation for a static IP 

B. Disable all wireless network connections 

C. Remove shortcuts to the application 

D. Block the application in Windows Firewall 

E. Change network location to Work 

F. Reroute the web address in HOSTS file 

Answer: D,F 


Use Windows firewall to restrict an application from reaching the web. Alternatively you can also reroute the web address in the HOST file. 

Q273. - (Topic 5) 

A technician needs to verify that a user’s computer can connect to a particular server using TCP/IP. Which of the following commands should the technician run? 





Answer: D 

Q274. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following data transfers will retain the current NTFS permissions of a file? 

A. Copying the file to a different location on the same volume 

B. Copying the file to a different location on a different volume 

C. Moving the file to a different location on a different volume 

D. Moving the file to a different location on the same volume 

Answer: D 


Moving a file to a different location on the same NTFS volume will retain current NTFS permissions. However, if the file is moved to another volume with different file system like FAT32, permissions will be invalided and you have to reassign permissions to the file. 

Q275. - (Topic 5) 

A technician has just implemented a fix on a user’s PC. Which of the following would be the technician’s NEXT step? 

A. Determine cause 

B. Inform the user 

C. Document the fix 

D. Test the fix 

Answer: D 


Up to the immediate present a+ 220-802 cheat sheet:

Q276. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following features helps to prevent shoulder surfing? 

A. Native resolution 

B. Auto adjust 

C. Degaussing 

D. Privacy screen 

Answer: D 


Q277. - (Topic 5) 

Following an authorized person through a door or other security check point without showing proper identification or defeating a security mechanism is known as which of the following? 

A. Hacking 

B. Emulating 

C. Partitioning 

D. Tailgating 

Answer: D 

Q278. - (Topic 5) 

Ann, a technician, is taking apart a laptop to replace some components. Which of the following will allow Ann to put the laptop back together properly and in a timely fashion? 

A. Have an identical laptop on hand to compare 

B. Label screws and their location 

C. Use a magnetic screwdriver 

D. Ask a fellow technician to help 

Answer: B 

Q279. - (Topic 1) 

A user on a domain network cannot install software that they need. Which of the following user groups is this user MOST likely associated with? 

A. Standard user 

B. Guest user 

C. Power user 

D. Administrator 

Answer: A 


Q280. - (Topic 1) 

A user has installed a legacy application in Windows 7 and reports that only some of the functionality in it is operational. Another user is using the same application on a different Windows 7 machine and doesn’t report those problems. Which of the following features in Windows 7 may be responsible for this problem? 

A. System Protection settings 

B. User Account Control 

C. Action Center 

D. Data Execution Prevention 

Answer: B 


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