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Product Description:
Exam Number/Code: 1z0-241
Exam name: PeopleSoft Application Develper I: PeopleTools&PeopleCode
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Oracle Certification
Last updated on Global synchronizing

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2016 Jun 1z0-241 test question

Q91. Select three true statements about the structure of PeopleSoft databases.(Choose three.)

A. The standard suffix for a prompt table is _TBL.

B. System catalog table names vary based on database platform.

C. PSXLATITEM is a PeopleTools table that stores translate values.

D. PS_PAGEDEFN is a PeopleTools table that stores page metadata.

E. Application data table structure is based on related language tables metadata.

F. The standard categories of tables in a PeopleSoft database are the system catalog tables, the PeopleTools tables, the related language tables, and the application data tables.

Answer: ABC

Q92. Within the component processor flow, the component build process is a loop that executes until _____.

A. the End Build marker is reached

B. the entire component-level PeopleCode executes

C. all the page elements are retrieved and displayed

D. all the rows in the record are loaded into the buffer

E. all the rows that were selected from the database are loaded into the buffer

Answer: E

Q93. Which three statements are true when you want to view queries? (Choose three.)

A. You can view all public queries, and private queries that are in your list of queries.

B. If you want to run queries that are not saved in PeopleSoft Query, you can use the Run page in Query Manager.

C. Query Viewer is a version of Query Manager. It has the same functions, but in a different view.

D. You can run a predefined query from your browser and view it online using any of the following links on the Query Manager search page: HTML, Excel, or Schedule.

E. If you want to run multiple queries and run each query multiple times with different runtime prompt values, the Run page is more useful than the HTML, Excel, or Schedule links on the Query Manager search page.

Answer: BDE

Q94. To use the PeopleCode Debugger, you open a program in the PeopleCode Editor, set a breakpoint, and then access the point in the application at which the PeopleCode program runs. The Debugger synchronizes correctly with the application only if _____.

A. the application server and Application Designer are on the same machine

B. Application Designer is connected to the application database in a two-tier mode

C. Application Designer and the database are both in the same application server domain

D. Application Designer is connected to the application database in a three-tier mode, using the application server

Answer: D

Q95. Select the three true statements about levels on a page. (Choose three.)

A. You usually associate level zero with the search record.

B. Each level is associated with one primary record definition.

C. Related fields in a level must reference the same record definition.

D. All fields in a level must write to that level's primary record definition.

E. Multiple levels of the same number, for example, two level twos, are allowed on a page.

Answer: ABE


Abreast of the times 1z0-241 test question:

Q96. Which three PeopleCode events should NOT be used for errors and warnings? (Choose three.)

A. SearchInit

B. SearchSave

C. RowSelect

D. RowInit

E. RowDelete

F. FieldEdit

G. FieldChange

H. SaveEdit

Answer: ADG

Q97. Select the three statements that are true about search records. (Choose three.)

A. Search records build the search page for the component.

B. Search records are referenced only at level zero in the component.

C. Search records rarely reference views; they are usually SQL tables.

D. Search records populate level zero on all pages that are in the component.

E. Search records provide a high-level key to the primary records that are referenced in the component.

Answer: ADE

Q98. View the Exhibit. Select the advanced search page that this record definition will generate.

Answer: D

Q99. You are importing the DEV_COURSE project from a file. Select the two files that must be present in the DEV_COURSE folder. (Choose two.)






Answer: BE

Q100. Select two options that demonstrate referential integrity in PeopleSoft applications. (Choose two.)

Answer: BC

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