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Exam Number/Code: 1Z0-878
Exam name: Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam, Part II
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Certification: Oracle Certification
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2016 Jun 1Z0-878 practice exam

Q161. You have just updated the /etc/syslog. conf file to modify message facility settings. 

Which two options cause the sysiogd daemon to reread /etc/syslog. conf to enable the settings without requiring a reboot to the system? (Choose two.) 

A. init 6 

B. pkill -HUP syslog.conf 

C. sys1ogd refresh /etc/sys1og.conf 

D. svcadm refresh svc:/system/system—1og:def au11 

E. svcadm stop svc:/system/system—1og:default ; svcadm start svc:/system/system—1og:default 

Answer: D,E 

Q162. A user is having LDAP client problems. The profile with which the client was configured was updated over night. From the error messages it would appear that the daemon on the client responsible for updating the profile might NOT have started. 

Which daemon on the client is responsible for updating the profile? 

A. ldap_client 

B. ldap_update 

C. ldap_profile 

D. ldap_cachemgr 

Answer: D 

Q163. Which answers describe characteristics of the non-global zone? (Choose two) 

A. A unique zone ID for each individual zone, starting at id 0. 

B. A non-global zone has its own unique kernel. 

C. Unaware of other non-global zones except the global zone. 

D. Shares the Solaris kernel with the global zone. 

E. The non-global zone can contain software that is not installed from or shared with the global zone. 

Answer: D,E 

Q164. You are logged in as the root user and you use the following command: 

# snoop 

Which two statements are true about this command? (Choose two.) 

A. You need to manually stop the snoop command. 

B. You hear an audible click for each packet that is detected. 

C. You see one line of output for each packet on the network. 

D. The snoop command exits automatically after 30 minutes. 

E. You see the full contents of every packet, formatted appropriately. 

Answer: A,C 

Q165. While you attempt to NFS mount the /export/home directory from host potato onto mount point /data on host tomato, the following error appears: # mount /data nfs mount: potatoe: : RPC: Unknown host The /etc/hosts file on tomato contains the following: # Internet host table localhost tomato potato lettuce 

The /etc/vf stab on tomato contains the following (unrelated lines are omitted): 

What three actions can be taken to mount the file system successfully? (Choose three.) 

A. Create an entry in /etc/aliases: potato potatoe 

B. Type the command: # moun t pota to:/export/home 

C. Comment out the entry in /etc/vf stab, and then execute # mountall 

D. Change potatoe to potato in /etc/vfstab, and then execute # mount /data 

E. Change potato to potatoe in the /etc/hosts file, and then execute 

# mount /data 

F. Type the command: 

# mount —F nfs —o soft,bg potato:/export/home /data 

Answer: D,E,F 


Up to the minute 1Z0-878 free question:

Q166. Which three commands can the system administrator use in the global zone to cause a running local zone to reboot? (Choose three) 

A. reboot —z <zone> 

B. zlogin <zone> reboot 

C. zoneadm —z <zone> boot 

D. zoneadm —z <zone> reboot 

E. halt -z <zone>; boot —z <zone> 

F. zoneadm —z < zone > haIt; zoneadm —z < zone > boot 

Answer: B,D,F 

Q167. You are configuring a DNS client on your organization's network. You need to configure the name service switch to tell the client to use DNS. 

Which two are databases in the name service switch for which the dns keyword is valid? (Choose two.) 

A. hosts 

B. ipnodes C. services D. netmasks E. networks 

Answer: A,B 

Q168. Given: 

usermod -R role2 user1 

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The user1 user gets assigned role2. 

B. The user1 user loses all previous roles. 

C. If role2 is a plain user, it becomes a role. 

D. If the user1 user is a role, it becomes a plain user. 

E. The user1 user gets all authorizations from role2. 

Answer: A,B 

Q169. Which four main services support the JumpStart installation process? (Choose four.) 

A. boot services 

B. routing services 

C. backup services 

D. installation services 

E. configuration services 

F. identification services G. authentication services 

Answer: A,D,E,F 

Q170. You log on as root and issue the command: 

#snoop -a 

What are two results of issuing this command? (Choose two.) 

A. Network traffic is displayed. 

B. Only the MAC addresses are displayed. 

C. Packets can be listened to on /dev/audio. 

D. All network traffic is sent to the default log file. 

E. All outgoing packets have the snoop flag appended. 

Answer: A,C 

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