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Exam Number/Code: 1Y0-203
Exam name: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 Administration
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Citrix Certification
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Which three XenDesktop Site components are managed by Citrix, when using Citrix Cloud as the hosting platform? (Choose three.)

  • A. Hypervisor
  • B. SQL Server
  • C. Application and Desktops
  • D. License Server
  • E. Delivery Controller

Answer: BDE

Which tool should a Citrix Administrator use to monitor the overall daily performance of a XenDesktop infrastructure?

  • A. Citrix Studio
  • B. HDX Space Monitor
  • C. CDF Traces
  • D. Citrix Director

Answer: D

ICA Keep Alive Policy should NOT be enabled if ______ policy is already enabled. (Choose the correct option to complete this sentence.)

  • A. Session Reliability
  • B. Load Management
  • C. Auto Client Reconnect
  • D. Session Sharing

Answer: A

ACitrix Administrator needs to perform Power Management on machines. Which type of machine supports this feature within a XenDesktop infrastructure?

  • A. Virtual Desktop OS Machines
  • B. Remote PC Machines
  • C. Virtual Server OS Machines
  • D. Physical Server OS Machines

Answer: A

Citrix Health Assistant automates a series of health checks for ______ and ______. (Choose the correct options to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Controller Configuration
  • B. Session Launch
  • C. VDA Registration
  • D. Power Management

Answer: AC

What is the order of precedence, from highest to lowest, for the different policy types that can be used to configure Citrix policies?

  • A. Site local (created in Citrix Studio), Organizational Unit GPO, Domain GPO, Site GPO, Local Computer
  • B. Local Computer, Site local (created in Citrix Studio), Site GPO, Domain GPO, Organizational Unit GPO
  • C. Organizational Unit GPO, Domain GPO, Site GPO, Site local (created in Citrix Studio), local Computer
  • D. Local Computer, Site local (created in Citrix Studio), Organizational Unit GPO, Domain GPO, Site GPO

Answer: C

When using Citrix Director to troubleshoot an issue with a user accessing multiple published applications, a Citrix Administrator will use the ______ to find the application causing the issue. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Session Selector
  • B. Machine Details
  • C. User Search
  • D. Activity Manager

Answer: D

The Helpdesk Administrator informs the Citrix Administrator that users are facing intermittent printer mapping issues in the environment.
Where can the Citrix Administrator look for the cause of this issue?

  • A. Event logs on the Delivery Controllers
  • B. Event logs on the VDA machines
  • C. Event logs on the StoreFront servers
  • D. Event logs on the user's client machine

Answer: B

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to configure an Engineer User Group, which has the following requirements:
Users need the ability to install applications.
Users require personalization and elevated administrator rights. Users engage in resource-intensive work.
Which FlexCast Model can the administrator use?

  • A. Hosted VDI (Static/Persistent)
  • B. Hosted VDI (Random/Non-Persistent)
  • C. VM-Hosted Applications
  • D. Published Applications

Answer: C

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator is installing Office 365 Pro Plus. The administrator needs to use a silent installation method that does NOT perform activation. Which type of file is required for a silent installation method?

  • A. MSP
  • B. MSI
  • C. XML
  • D. INI

Answer: C

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator has received complaints from users who have mistakenly closed published applications prematurely. These users report that it takes significant time to relaunch the application.
The administrator needs a solution that will reduce application launch times in these situations. Which feature should the administrator enable?

  • A. Session Reliability
  • B. Session Linger
  • C. Session Pre-Launch
  • D. Session Sharing

Answer: B

ACitrix Administrator needs to join a XenDesktop Controller to an existing site that is configured to use a mirrored SQL server database.
Using Citrix Studio, which two methods can the administrator choose to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Run the Join Existing Wizard, select “Update the database manually”; generate scripts and run them in Administrative Power Shell Window on SQL Server
  • B. Run the Join Existing Wizard, select “Update the database manually”; generate scripts and run them on SQL Server Management Studio in SQLCMD mode
  • C. Run the Join Existing Wizard, select “Update the database automatically”; mirroring is detected without user intervention
  • D. Run the Join Existing Wizard, select “Update the database automatically”; mirroring can be configured later on

Answer: BC

Citrix policies that are created using Citrix Studio are stored in ______ and Citrix policies that are created using Group Policy Management Console are stored in ______. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Site Database; Site Database.
  • B. Configuration Logging Database; Active Directory (AD) Sysvol Share.
  • C. Site Database; Active Directory (AD) Sysvol Share.
  • D. Delivery Controller local registry; Active Directory (AD) Sysvol Shar

Answer: C

When users log on to Citrix Receiver they are NOT able to see their line-of-business application by default and are frequently calling helpdesk to locate the application.
Which phrase can a Citrix Administrator add to the application properties, so that it is added to Favorites and users CANNOT remove the application from Favorites?

  • A. “KEYWORDS: Mandatory”
  • B. “KEYWORDS: Prefer”
  • C. “KEYWORDS: Featured”
  • D. “KEYWORDS: Auto”

Answer: A

Explanation: To make an individual app mandatory, so that it cannot be removed from Citrix Receiver for Windows, append the string KEYWORDS:Mandatory to the application description. There is no Remove option for users to unsubscribe to mandatory apps.

Which account is used by FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) services to access the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop SQL databases?

  • A. Network Service Account
  • B. Local System Account
  • C. Local User Account
  • D. Controller’s Machine Account

Answer: A

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator of a large, multi-domain company needs to configure specific Group Policy Object (GPO) settings for Receiver on managed endpoints that are in various locations. The administrator needs to have the ability to save the GPO template file to the Active Directory central store, so that Group Policy Administrators located in other domains can utilize it.
Which step should the administrator take to accomplish this task?

  • A. Use the available Receiver ADMX and ADML template to configure the required settings at the domain level.
  • B. Use the available Receiver ADML template to configure the required settings locally.
  • C. Use the available Receiver ADMX and ADML template to configure the required settings locally.
  • D. Use the available Receiver ADML template to configure the required settings at the domain leve

Answer: A

Which three database high availability features are supported in XenApp/XenDesktop? (Choose three.)

  • A. Flashback
  • B. Mirroring
  • C. Clustered Instances
  • D. Automatic Storage Management
  • E. Always On Availability Groups

Answer: BCE

Which two reasons are valid for changing the location of the Configuration Logging database after creating the Site according to Citrix recommendations? (Choose two.)

  • A. The volume of data collected for Configuration Logging could adversely affect the space available to the Site configuration database.
  • B. The backup strategy for the Configuration Logging database is likely to differ from the backup strategy for the Site Configuration database.
  • C. The Site Configuration database cannot be backed up because it is in use by the Configuration Logging process.
  • D. The Configuration Logging database can only be cleared by stopping and starting the Citrix Configuration Site database.

Answer: AB

Which two cloud providers are supported with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15? (Choose two.)

  • A. Amazon Web Services
  • B. Google Cloud Services
  • C. Microsoft Azure
  • D. IBM Cloud

Answer: AC

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator recently implemented a XenApp and XenDesktop site for a company. The environment contains a single delivery controller and a SQL server.
The database suddenly becomes inaccessible, and the administrator discovers that the issue was caused by a SQL server crash. As a result, the connection between the site database and the delivery controller has failed.
What can the administrator rely on to continue brokering new connections even though the site database is offline?

  • A. XML Service
  • B. Connection Leasing
  • C. Local Host Cache
  • D. Broker Service

Answer: C

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