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Product Description:
Exam Number/Code: 1Y0-203
Exam name: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 Administration
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Citrix Certification
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Scenario: ACitrix Administrator has configured two sites: Site A and Site B. Each site uses the same license server named LicenseServer1. The administrator has the following additional information:
Site A is configured to check out Enterprise licenses. Site B is configured to check out Platinum licenses.
LicenseServer1 contains both Enterprise and Platinum licenses.
The Enterprise licenses have become exhausted, and the next user from Site A attempts to launch a published desktop. What will be the outcome of this action?

  • A. The application will launch successfully with Platinum licenses checked out.
  • B. The application will launch successfully, and Site A will enter the Supplement Grace Period.
  • C. The user will be unable to launch the application, and the error message “No resources available” will appear.
  • D. The application will launch successfully, and Site B will enter the Supplement Grace Perio

Answer: B

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator previously configured a XenDesktop Site to use evaluation licenses. The administrator has recently installed valid Enterprise licenses on the Citrix License Server and confirmed that licenses show correctly in the licensing console. However, a user reported an issue about logging on to the published desktop. The user received an error message stating that the evaluation license is about to expire.
What should the administrator do to fix this issue?

  • A. Restart the License service
  • B. Change the product Edition in Citrix Studio
  • C. Remove the stale registry entries from License Server
  • D. Verify the host name entry in the license file

Answer: A

Configuration Logging tracks changes to XenDesktop from _______ and ______. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Citrix Studio
  • B. Group Policy Management console
  • C. Citrix License Administration console
  • D. PowerShell cmdlets

Answer: AD

Which two features can a Citrix Administrator configure in a XenApp environment to decrease login times for users with large files in their profiles? (Choose two.)

  • A. Folder Redirection
  • B. Profile Protection
  • C. Active Write back
  • D. Profile Streaming

Answer: AD

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator has set up a XenApp environment using the default settings for load management. The administrator looks at the load value of a specific server and notices a load %.
What can be causing this high load?

  • A. Number of user sessions on the server is 200.
  • B. CPU usage is 80%.
  • C. Memory usage is 80%.
  • D. Number of concurrent logons is 4.

Answer: A

ACitrix Administrator has deployed a non-domain joined StoreFront Server.
Which two options should the administrator be aware of with this deployment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Authentication occurs at the Delivery Controller
  • B. Server groups are NOT supported
  • C. Server groups are supported
  • D. Authentication occurs at the Domain Controller

Answer: AB

Which Layer contains the hypervisor infrastructure in a XenApp and XenDesktop Architecture model?

  • A. Control
  • B. Compute
  • C. Resource
  • D. Access

Answer: B

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator is working on a published application. The network connection remains for 240 seconds but is interrupted, and applications become unusable. The session then prompts for authentication. After the administrator successfully authenticates, the session is reconnected.
Which policy makes this possible?

  • A. Load Management
  • B. Auto Client Reconnect
  • C. ICA Keep Alive
  • D. Session Reliability

Answer: D

ACitrix Administrator is trying to configure a XenDesktop site for use with a mirrored SQL Server database. Which collation sequence should be used when creating an empty database on the principal SQL Server?

  • A. _100_CI_AS_KS
  • B. _100_CI_AI_SC
  • C. _100_CI_AI_WS
  • D. _CS_AI_AS

Answer: B

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator will use PowerShell to configure a new restart schedule for the Windows 2016 Server OS group named “Win2016-ServerOS” within the company’s XenDesktop infrastructure.
The administrator needs the machines in the Server OS group to restart at a time when NO users will be accessing them: beginning at 23:00 h (11 PM) each day, with 30-minute intervals between each machine restart.
Which PowerShell command should the administrator use?

  • A. Set-BrokerRebootScheduleV2 –Name XYZ-ServerOS-DailyReboot-DesktopGroupName Win2016-ServerOS – Frequency Daily –StartTime “11:00” –Enabled $true –RebootDuration 30
  • B. Set-BrokerRebootSchedule –Name XYZ-ServerOS-DailyReboot-DesktopGroupName Win2016-ServerOS – Frequency Daily –StartTime “23:00” –Enabled $true –RebootDuration 30
  • C. New-BrokerRebootSchedule –Name XYZ-ServerOS-DailyReboot-DesktopGroupName Win2016-ServerOS – Frequency Daily –StartTime “11:00” –Enabled $true –RebootDuration 30
  • D. New-BrokerRebootScheduleV2 –Name XYZ-ServerOS-DailyReboot-DesktopGroupName Win2016-ServerOS – Frequency Daily –StartTime “23:00” –Enabled $true –RebootDuration 30

Answer: A

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to create a new Machine Catalog using Machine Creation Services. However, the Machine Creation Services option is grayed out.
Which action can the administrator take in order to use Machine Creation Services?

  • A. Add the correct Citrix licenses to the License Server
  • B. Add a new resource connection in Citrix Studio
  • C. Restart the Delivery Controller
  • D. Restart the Citrix Desktop Service

Answer: B

ACitrix Administrator uses a third party to manage hardware infrastructure, but manages all other aspects of the environment on their own.
Which hosting platform can the administrator use for this deployment?

  • A. Service Provider
  • B. Cloud-Hosted
  • C. Citrix Cloud
  • D. On-Premises

Answer: B

Which Layer contains the Citrix Director in a XenApp and XenDesktop Architecture model?

  • A. Resource
  • B. User
  • C. Control
  • D. Access

Answer: C

Which view in Citrix Director will give a Citrix Administrator a list of current policies applied to the user session?

  • A. Dashboard
  • B. Machine Details
  • C. Activity Manager
  • D. Session Details

Answer: B

Which three core services are required for a FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) site to run optimally? (Choose three.)

  • A. Machine Creation Service
  • B. Delegated Administration Service
  • C. Configuration Logging Service
  • D. Telemetry Service
  • E. Central Configuration Service

Answer: BCE

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to deploy 300 Virtual Windows 10 Desktops in an environment in which there is
minimal interference with existing network infrastructure. There is also a need for user-installed applications and persistency.
Which Citrix technology will the administrator use to provision the desktops?

  • A. Machine Creation Services
  • B. Provisioning Services
  • C. Manual Provisioning
  • D. Existing Machines

Answer: B

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to configure a Designer User Group, which has the following requirements: Users need to leverage existing physical corporate desktops
Users require remote access to their applications as soon as possible
Users will engage in resource-intensive work Which FlexCast Model can the administrator use?

  • A. Hosted VDI (Static/Persistent)
  • B. Hosted VDI (Random/Non-Persistent)
  • C. Remote PC
  • D. VM-Hosted Applications

Answer: C

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to deploy 2000 virtual desktops. The hardware in the environment has a very fast SSD local storage, and the SAN is running almost at capacity. There is NO need for user-installed applications or persistency in the environment.
Which provisioning method would allow the administrator to save SAN storage?

  • A. Provisioning Services
  • B. Manual Provisioning
  • C. Existing machines
  • D. Machine Creation Services

Answer: D

ACitrix Administrator has created a new Delivery Controller and needs to join it to an existing Site to increase site redundancy.
Which database permissions will the administrator need?

  • A. db_securityadmin and dbm_monitor permissions
  • B. db_owner and db_datawriter permissions
  • C. db_accessadmin and dbcreator permissions
  • D. db_securityadmin and db_owner

Answer: B

What happens to the differencing disk of a Random/Non-Persistent desktop machine following a restart in a XenDesktop 7.1x site running on XenServer?

  • A. It will be updated from the base image
  • B. It will be deleted
  • C. It will be reset for new use
  • D. It will be synchronized with the attached Personal vDisk

Answer: A

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