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When Identity Awareness is enabled, which identity source(s) is(are) used for Application Control?

  • B. Remote Access and RADIUS
  • C. AD Query
  • D. AD Query and Browser-based Authentication

Answer: D

Explanation: Identity Awareness gets identities from these acquisition sources:
AD Query
Browser-Based Authentication
Endpoint Identity Agent
Terminal Servers Identity Agent
Remote Access

What are the two high availability modes?

  • A. Load Sharing and Legacy
  • B. Traditional and New
  • C. Active and Standby
  • D. New and Legacy

Answer: D

Explanation: ClusterXL has four working modes. This section briefly describes each mode and its relative advantages and disadvantages.
Load Sharing Multicast Mode
Load Sharing Unicast Mode
New High Availability Mode
High Availability Legacy Mode

Message digests use which of the following?

  • A. DES and RC4
  • B. IDEA and RC4
  • C. SSL and MD4
  • D. SHA-1 and MD5

Answer: D

To fully enable Dynamic Dispatcher on a Security Gateway:

  • A. run fw ctl multik set_mode 9 in Expert mode and then reboot
  • B. Using cpconfig, update the Dynamic Dispatcher value to “full” under the CoreXL menu
  • C. Edit /proc/interrupts to include multik set_mode 1 at the bottom of the file, save, and reboot
  • D. run fw ctl multik set_mode 1 in Expert mode and then reboot

Answer: A

In which VPN community is a satellite VPN gateway not allowed to create a VPN tunnel with another satellite VPN gateway?

  • A. Pentagon
  • B. Combined
  • C. Meshed
  • D. Star

Answer: D

Explanation: VPN communities are based on Star and Mesh topologies. In a Mesh community, there are VPN connections between each Security Gateway. In a Star community, satellites have a VPN connection with the center Security Gateway, but not to each other.

You have two rules, ten users, and two user groups in a Security Policy. You create database version 1 for this configuration. You then delete two existing users and add a new user group. You modify one rule and add two new rules to the Rule Base. You save the Security Policy and create database version 2. After a while, you decide to roll back to version 1 to use the Rule Base, but you want to keep your user database. How can you do this?

  • A. Run fwm dbexport -1 filenam
  • B. Restore the databas
  • C. Then, run fwm dbimport -1 filename to import the users.
  • D. Run fwm_dbexport to export the user databas
  • E. Select restore the entire database in the Database Revision scree
  • F. Then, run fwm_dbimport.
  • G. Restore the entire database, except the user database, and then create the new user and user group.
  • H. Restore the entire database, except the user database.

Answer: D

All R77 Security Servers can perform authentication with the exception of one. Which of the Security Servers can NOT perform authentication?

  • A. FTP
  • B. SMTP
  • C. HTTP

Answer: B

As you review this Security Policy, what changes could you make to accommodate Rule 4?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. Remove the service HTTP from the column Service in Rule 4.
  • B. Modify the column VPN in Rule 2 to limit access to specific traffic.
  • C. Nothing at all
  • D. Modify the columns Source or Destination in Rule 4

Answer: B

You are about to test some rule and object changes suggested in an R77 news group. Which backup solution should you use to ensure the easiest restoration of your Security Policy to its previous configuration after testing the changes?

  • A. Manual copies of the directory $FWDIR/conf
  • B. upgrade_export command
  • C. Database Revision Control
  • D. GAiA backup utilities

Answer: C

You are the Security Administrator for MegaCorp. In order to see how efficient your firewall Rule Base is, you would like to see how many often the particular rules match. Where can you see it? Give the BEST answer.

  • A. In the SmartView Tracker, if you activate the column Matching Rate.
  • B. In SmartReporter, in the section Firewall Blade – Activity > Network Activity with information concerning Top Matched Logged Rules.
  • C. SmartReporter provides this information in the section Firewall Blade – Security > Rule Base Analysis with information concerning Top Matched Logged Rules.
  • D. It is not possible to see it directl
  • E. You can open SmartDashboard and select UserDefined in the Track colum
  • F. Afterwards, you need to create your own program with an external counter.

Answer: C

Which policy type is used to enforce bandwidth and traffic control rules?

  • A. Threat Emulation
  • B. Access Control
  • C. QoS
  • D. Threat Prevention

Answer: C

Explanation: Check Point's QoS Solution
QoS is a policy-based QoS management solution from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., satisfies your needs for a bandwidth management solution. QoS is a unique, software-only based application that manages traffic end-to-end across networks, by distributing enforcement throughout network hardware and software.

Customer’s R80 management server needs to be upgraded to R80.10. What is the best upgrade method when the management server is not connected to the Internet?

  • A. Export R80 configuration, clean install R80.10 and import the configuration
  • B. CPUSE online upgrade
  • C. CPUSE offline upgrade
  • D. SmartUpdate upgrade

Answer: C

You are using SmartView Tracker to troubleshoot NAT entries. Which column do you check to view the NAT'd source port if you are using Source NAT?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. XlateDst
  • B. XlateSPort
  • C. XlateDPort
  • D. XlateSrc

Answer: B

With which command can you view the running configuration of Gaia-based system.

  • A. show conf-active
  • B. show configuration active
  • C. show configuration
  • D. show running-configuration

Answer: C

The fw monitor utility is used to troubleshoot which of the following problems?

  • A. Phase two key negotiation
  • B. Address translation
  • C. Log Consolidation Engine
  • D. User data base corruption

Answer: B

Administrator wishes to update IPS from SmartConsole by clicking on the option “update now” under the IPS tab. Which device requires internet access for the update to work?

  • A. Security Gateway
  • B. Device where SmartConsole is installed
  • C. SMS
  • D. SmartEvent

Answer: B

Explanation: Updating IPS Manually
You can immediately update IPS with real-time information on attacks and all the latest protections from the IPS website. You can only manually update IPS if a proxy is defined in Internet Explorer settings.
To obtain updates of all the latest protections from the IPS website:
Configure the settings for the proxy server in Internet Explorer.
In Microsoft Internet Explorer, open Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings.
The LAN Settings window opens.
Select Use a proxy server for your LAN.
Configure the IP address and port number for the proxy server.
Click OK.
The settings for the Internet Explorer proxy server are configured.
In the IPS tab, select Download Updates
and clickUpdate Now.

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