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Which of the following methods can be used to update the trusted log server regarding the policy and configuration changes performed on the Security Management Server?

  • A. Save Policy
  • B. install Database
  • C. Save Session
  • D. install Policy

Answer: D

What is the Manual Client Authentication TELNET port?

  • A. 23
  • B. 264
  • C. 900
  • D. 259

Answer: D

Which Threat Prevention Profile is not included by default in R80 Management?

  • A. Basic – Provides reliable protection on a range of non-HTTP protocols for servers, with minimal impact on network performance
  • B. Optimized – Provides excellent protection for common network products and protocols against recent or popular attacks
  • C. Strict – Provides a wide coverage for all products and protocols, with impact on network performance
  • D. Recommended – Provides all protection for all common network products and servers, with impact on network performance

Answer: D

Which of the following commands is used to verify license installation?

  • A. Cplic verify license
  • B. Cplic print
  • C. Cplic show
  • D. Cplic license

Answer: B

Which of the following are types of VPN communicates?

  • A. Pentagon, star, and combination
  • B. Star, octagon, and combination
  • C. Combined and star
  • D. Meshed, star, and combination

Answer: D

Which type of the Check Point license ties the package license to the IP address of the Security Management Server?

  • A. Local
  • B. Central
  • C. Corporate
  • D. Formal

Answer: B

Choose what BEST describes users on Gaia Platform.

  • A. There is one default user that cannot be deleted.
  • B. There are two default users and one cannot be deleted.
  • C. There is one default user that can be deleted.
  • D. There are two default users that cannot be deleted and one SmartConsole Administrator.

Answer: B

Explanation: These users are created by default and cannot be deleted:
admin — Has full read/write capabilities for all Gaia features, from the WebUI and the CLI. This user
has a User ID of 0, and therefore has all of the privileges of a root user.
monitor — Has read-only capabilities for all features in the WebUI and the CLI, and can change its own password. You must give a password for this user before the account can be used.

Which one of the following is the preferred licensing model? Select the Best answer.

  • A. Local licensing because it ties the package license to the IP-address of the gateway and has no dependency of the Security Management Server.
  • B. Central licensing because it ties the package license to the IP-address of the Security Management Server and has no dependency of the gateway.
  • C. Local licensing because it ties the package license to the MAC-address of the gateway management interface and has no Security Management Server dependency.
  • D. Central licensing because it ties the package license to the MAC-address of the Security Management Server Mgmt-interface and has no dependency of the gateway.

Answer: B

Explanation: Central License
A Central License is a license attached to the Security Management server IP address, rather than the gatewa IP address. The benefits of a Central License are:
Only one IP address is needed for all licenses.
A license can be taken from one gateway and given to another.
The new license remains valid when changing the gateway IP address. There is no need to create and install a new license.

Which of these attributes would be critical for a site-to-site VPN?

  • A. Scalability to accommodate user groups
  • B. Centralized management
  • C. Strong authentication
  • D. Strong data encryption

Answer: D

Which of the following is NOT an authentication scheme used for accounts created through SmartConsole?

  • A. Security questions
  • B. Check Point password
  • C. SecurID

Answer: A

Explanation: Authentication Schemes :- Check Point Password
- Operating System Password
- SecurID
- Undefined If a user with an undefined authentication scheme is matched to a Security Rule with some form of authentication, access is always denied.

What is the SOLR database for?

  • A. Used for full text search and enables powerful matching capabilities
  • B. Writes data to the database and full text search
  • C. Serves GUI responsible to transfer request to the DLE server
  • D. Enables powerful matching capabilities and writes data to the database

Answer: A

Administrator Dave logs into R80 Management Server to review and makes some rule changes. He notices that there is a padlock sign next to the DNS rule in the Rule Base.
156-215.80 dumps exhibit
What is the possible Explanation: for this?

  • A. DNS Rule is using one of the new feature of R80 where an administrator can mark a rule with the padlock icon to let other administrators know it is important.
  • B. Another administrator is logged into the Management and currently editing the DNS Rule.
  • C. DNS Rule is a placeholder rule for a rule that existed in the past but was deleted.
  • D. This is normal behavior in R80 when there are duplicate rules in the Rule Base.

Answer: B

Which application should you use to install a contract file?

  • A. SmartView Monitor
  • B. WebUI
  • C. SmartUpdate
  • D. SmartProvisioning

Answer: C

Explanation: Using SmartUpdate: If you already use an NGX R65 (or higher) Security Management / Provider-1 /
Multi-Domain Management Server, SmartUpdate allows you to import the service contract file that you have downloaded in Step #3.
Open SmartUpdate and from the Launch Menu select 'Licenses & Contracts' -> 'Update Contracts' -> 'From File...' and provide the path to the file you have downloaded in Step #3:
156-215.80 dumps exhibit
Note: If SmartUpdate is connected to the Internet, you can download the service contract file directly from the UserCenter without going through the download and import steps.

Fill in the blank: When LDAP is integrated with Check Point Security Management, it is then referred to as ______

  • A. UserCheck
  • B. User Directory
  • C. User Administration
  • D. User Center

Answer: B

Explanation: Check Point User Directory integrates LDAP, and other external user management technologies, with the Check Point solution. If you have a large user count, we recommend that you use an external user management database such as LDAP for enhanced Security Management Server performance.

To enforce the Security Policy correctly, a Security Gateway requires:

  • A. a routing table
  • B. awareness of the network topology
  • C. a Demilitarized Zone
  • D. a Security Policy install

Answer: B

Explanation: The network topology represents the internal network (both the LAN and the DMZ) protected by the gateway. The gateway must be aware of the layout of the network topology to:
Correctly enforce the Security Policy.
Ensure the validity of IP addresses for inbound and outbound traffic.
Configure a special domain for Virtual Private Networks.

If the first packet of an UDP session is rejected by a security policy, what does the firewall send to the client?

  • A. Nothing
  • B. TCP FIN
  • C. TCP RST
  • D. ICMP unreachable

Answer: A

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