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Exam Name: lp1 level 1 exam 102
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2016 May 117-102 Study Guide Questions:

Q261. Your senior systems administrator asks you to set up a new machine with Apache listening on port 8088. 

Which Apache config file would you edit to change the default port to 8088?

A. httpd.conf

B. srm.conf

C. access.conf

D. inet.conf

Answer: A

Q262. To avoid spammers using your mail server to relay their messages, you need to _______.

A. Disable the relay control in /etc/aliases

B. Set up a ruleset for this in /etc/

C. Set up relay control in your DNS's MX record.

D. Recompilesendmail with the -NORELAY flag.

Answer: B

Q263. You are working in a graphical environment and trying to configure PPP, but are having problems. You know that PPP uses the local2 facility for logging. To better watch what's going on, you decide to open an Xconsole session and sent all local2 messages there. How should you configure /etc/syslog.conf to show you all messages sent from PPP?

A. local2.* /dev/console

B. local2.* /dev/xconsole

C. *.local2 /dev/xconsole

D. *.local2 *

Answer: A


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Q264. The ________ file controls the system logging daemon

A. /etc/syslog.conf

Answer: A

Q265. The files /etc/hosts.allow, /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/nologin all exist on your computer and the sshd daemon is running.

What will happen when users try to connect with ssh?

A. Only connections from computers specified in /etc/hosts.allow will be allowed to log in.

B. Only root will be allowed to log in.

C. All users not specified in /etc/hosts.deny will be allowed to log in.

D. No user will be allowed to log in.

Answer: B

Q266. You have a file /etc/resolv.conf, but the computer does not use the configured DNS servers to look up host names. 

What is most likely the problem?

A. The hosts entry in your /etc/nsswitch.conf does not list dns.

B. You do not have a /etc/named.conf file.

C. The localhost hostname is not properly configured in /etc/hosts.

D. The named daemon is not running on your computer.

Answer: A

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Precise element k hit-001:

Q267. You have a Linux system routing 3 networks through 3 separate NICs and are having trouble with your IP forwarding. What file would you check to ensure that IP forwarding is enabled?

A. /etc/defaultrouter

B. /proc/net/tcp

C. /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

D. /var/log/messages

Answer: C

Q268. What command can be used to generate log entries of any facility and priority? (supply just the command name without a path)

A. logger

Answer: A

Q269. Which of the following describes the Linux ping packet or datagram?

A. IP packet with a packet type

B. ICMP packet with a message type

C. ICMP packet with a payload

D. UDP datagram with a protocol type

E. UDP datagram with a payload

Answer: B

Q270. The ______ command is used to add a group to the system

A. groupadd

Answer: A

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