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Exam Number/Code: 050-SEPROGRC-01
Exam name: RSA Certified SE Professional in Governance, Risk and Compliance
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Certification: RSA Certification
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Q21. What is stored in the File Repository? 

A. Log files 

B. All data in the system 

C. User account information 

D. Attachments and temporary import/export files 


Q22. Within RSA Archer, data is stored in the following nested sequence of items: 

A. Solution > Application > Record > Field B. Workspace > Dashboard > iView > Report 

C. Access role > Group > User Account > User 

D. User Account > Workspace > Solution > Application 


Q23. Administrators can access features on the Administration tab to do all of the following EXCEPT: 

A. Create new records 

B. Configure questionnaires 

C. Add new fields to applications 

D. Change the colors of the system 


Q24. You have just submitted a questionnaire record, and no findings were generated.You have confirmed that the Findings checkbox was marked in Manage Questionnaires, and that the Findings generation criteria has been correctly configured. What should you check next to determine why Findings were not generated? 

A. Verify the Queuing Service is running. 

B. Verify the Findings application has been licensed. 

C. Verify a Reviewer has been selected within the questionnaire record itself. 

D. Verify the questions used in the questionnaire have correct and incorrect answer values configured. 


Q25. How many databases are needed to support the RSA Archer Platform? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. One database is needed for every application created in the system. 


Q26. What is the minimum operating system requirement for the RSA Archer Web Server? 

A. Microsoft Windows 2000 Server 

B. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 

C. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 

D. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 


Q27. Which of the following statements about Workspace and Dashboard components is true? 

A. iViews can be displayed directly on a Workspace. 

B. The small windows that display reports and other items are called Dashboards. 

C. A Dashboard can be accessed by a person who does not have an RSA Archer user account. 

D. A Workspace can include one or more dashboards; dashboards can include one or more iViews. 


Q28. Users can be granted access to information at what three levels? (Choose three) 

A. Form 

B. Page 

C. Field 

D. Record 

E. Application 

F. Workspace 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q29. If an administrator wanted to edit a field in an application, which module should she access on the Administration tab? 

A. Integration 

B. Access Control 

C. Application Builder 

D. Management Reporting 


Q30. RSA Archer can automatically generate workpapers in which core solution? 

A. Risk Management 

B. Audit Management 

C. Policy Management 

D. Incident Management